I made my favorite SCP in Minecraft! (SCP 3008) r/SCP

SCP 3008 (Infinite Ikea) Minecraft Map Trailer 1 YouTube

430. Welcome to the recreation of the game SCP-3008 lone survivor. you play as a person who is trapped in an infinite Ikea (SCP-3008). at day is seems fine but at night it seems different. the STAFF is out and is ready to kill any non-employee staff. will you survive or die? -Currently, I am still in the progress of building the map and.

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First you need to follow these steps so you can start playing SCP 3008 in Minecraft! 1) Mine wood and get a axe. You can use only wooden and iron axe. Or you will not get wood in the Ekia. 2) Exit the crafting, and mine the crafting table. 3) You need to find an Ekia building. So try to find it.

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TRAPPED in an ENDLESS IKEA in Minecraft! - YouTube © 2023 Google LLC We have to hide 24 HOURS OVERNIGHT at IKEA 3008! 💜 Come take a look at my merch! 💜 https://aphmeow.com/ Instagram:.

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SCP-3008, or "infinite IKEA" is a really cool concept. In this video I make it in vanilla Minecraft using command blocks! I really want to beat Minecraft in.

(Update!) SCP3008 IN MINECRAFT 2.0 VER 0.0.5 (READ DISC PlEASE) 1.14.4

10 SCP-3008 Ikea | Google Drive How to install Minecraft Maps on Java Edition Nicky123MODDER Level 26 : Expert Modder Subscribe 3 Collaborators 81r2 This is an easy and fun horror/survival map where you have to survive within an Ikea with many exhibits beautifully designed. There is a monster that emerges at night!

(Update!) SCP3008 IN MINECRAFT 2.0 VER 0.0.5 (READ DISC PlEASE) 1.14.4

© 2023 Google LLC SCP-3008 In Minecraft! I had never heard about this 'infinite IKEA' thing, but when I found out about it I knew I had to do it in Minecraft. Oh, I also force.

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If your Looking for some maps to play with your friends (if you have some) well this is a map for you This is a survival map about scp 3008Scp-3008 is a dimension of an infinite Ikea ruled by humanoid creatures names "scp-3008-2" they're not hostile infact they worked their as if it was an Ikea store But not for long those humanoid creature will.

SCP3008 in Minecraft YouTube

Features: -Mine furniture -Craft crude tools -Slaughter zombie staff -Search for secrets, like the crafting table -Mine for the special ore -Kill some more staff but with even better weapons and traps -DEFEAT THE FINAL BOSS (actually he´s kinda a joke ngl.) Mod made with MCreator. GERMAN CRING YOUTUBE VIMEO:


Minecraft; Resource Packs; SCP-3008-2 over Zombies; SCP-3008-2 over Zombies. By ninethenine. Resource Packs; 905; Download Install. Install with CurseForge app; Download file; About Project Created Jul 17, 2021 Updated Jul 17, 2021 Project ID 504534 License

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The SCP-3008 IKEA store made by Minecraft Redditor u/Lil-Failure. Many have heard rumors of an "infinite" IKEA store called SCP-3008. It is a store connected to many different IKEA stores from.

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iOS. Nintendo. Android. Chromebook. *Mac and Linux are compatible with Java Edition only. Download and play SCP-3008 by House of How from the Minecraft Marketplace.

I made my favorite SCP in Minecraft! (SCP 3008) r/SCP

This map was made by me TiredAchiever93 and CATBRO626 we were inspired by the Roblox game SCP 3008 by uglyburger0 This playlist is what I recommend. Home / Minecraft Maps / SCP-3008 Minecraft Map Dark mode

SCP3008 / Ikea (Survival) Minecraft Map

MAP DOWNLOAD:https://mega.nz/file/F1lXHRDC#gsoMcO4XjB8Wf5_EDDqmYD_HyPIY-CyZPfco8EzpkOAMultiplayer compatible, sadly not infinite :(LIKE FOR PART 2Discord:htt.

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The textures and mods : Behavior pack : SCP Dystopia BP v1.6.2 / Funicraft 3D Block BP / SCP-3008 Add-On Ver 1 / Heart Containers /. Ressource pack : SCP Dystopia RP v1.6.2 / Funicraft 3D Block RP / SCP-3008 Add-On Ver 1 / Fused Vanilla Shader VLight-The Final Update /.

(Update!) SCP3008 IN MINECRAFT 2.0 VER 0.0.5 (READ DISC PlEASE) 1.14.4

IKEAs can be found in the overworld. They have an activatable portal to the SCP 3008 - Infinite Ikea Dimension. WHEN YOU ENTER THE DIMENSION YOUR INVENTORY IS RESET AND THE PORTAL BREAKS. It is the goal to defeat the final boss and make it out with the good stuff that you crafted. Features: -Mine furniture. -Craft crude tools.

SCP3008 / Ikea (Survival) Minecraft Map

Scp-3008 is an Scp Euclid class, the scp-3008 is an infinite Ikea with a lot of employees, this add-on adds your worst nightmares to Minecraft adding some of the Scp-3008 employees, be beware of them, they are beasts that will kill the player no matter what, no matter if they need to climb over to get you or no matter if they need to destroy thi.

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