Munich High End Show 2017 in pictures What HiFi?

Munich High End 2016

published 9 May 2016 The High End Show in Munich is over for another year and, once again, it hasn't disappointed. Having seen and heard some exceptional kit, we've highlighted some of our favourite products from the show, from speakers to dedicated separates.

Munich High End Now Fully Booked Say High End Society Hifi Pig

Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated really high-end loudspeaker design at the show. Gryphon's outstanding Kodo twin-tower loudspeaker sounded like a million dollars. But, in costing 'just' €220,000 and possessed of no less than 38 drive units that are claimed to be perfectly phase-matched, I reckon that puts Gryphon ahead of the game.

Munich High End 2016

One of my most pleasing discoveries from the Munich show was the new Callia headphone amplifier/preamp/DAC from the well-regarded British pro audio company Prism Sound. The Callia is priced at £1,495, €1,995, or USD$1,995. What is refreshing is that Callia is built from the no-nonsense, no-hype, neutrality-centric mindset of a world-class.

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High End Munich 2016 by Dawid Grzyb / May 14, 2016. Twitter. Facebook. Google+. High End 2016 exhibition in Munich is already in the past. It was similar to previous one, which is a good thing of course. The people behind this German event surely know how to pull it off as from technical side of things it's always very meticulously prepared.

Munich High End Show 2017 in pictures What HiFi?

Munich is truly a High-End Mekka!. From a 2016 engineering perspective there is almost everything wrong with the C17 driver, yet the choice of cone, dust cap, spider, foam surround, etc., produces one the easiest drivers ever made when it comes to crossover construction and overall voicing. And Kevin appear to be a master of voicing a speaker.

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Munich High End 2016: Electronics $15k and Up SHOW by Julie Mullins May 21st, 2016 A A A Ah, to be in Munich in May—home to the fabulous High End Audio Show at the atrium-filled, convention-center-style building known as MOC.

Munich High End 2016 The ones that got away HiFi+

Expect the best. According to the High End Society, promoters of the High End show in Munich, this year's event is now fully booked with 505 exhibitors and more than 900 brands present from May 5th to 8th. Once again, the Bavarian capital will become a Mecca for fans of audio innovation, and the most important showcase event for consumer audio anywhere in the world.

Munich HighEnd 2016 The Countdown Begins Hifi Pig Munich

in Munich High End 2016, Showcase. Munich High-End 2016: sights & sounds. by John May 8, 2016, 16:21. The biggest and baddest audio trade show in the world is undoubtedly Munich High-End. It's where manufacturers from across the globe come to show off their wares, meet the press and entertain distributors.

Munich High End 2016

The dates for next year's High end event in Munich has just been announced as the 5th to 8th May 2016. All being well and barring a major disaster, Hifi Pig will be there in force for Munich High End 2016 at the MOC. See you there! Focal Naim Press Conference At High End Munich

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Munich High End 2016: Robert Harley on Analog and Digital Sources SHOW by Robert Harley May 22, 2016 A A A This Munich show was particularly rich in analog and digital sources. Virtually every room at the show featured a high-end turntable, many from manufacturers I've never heard of.

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Munich 2016. On the Move at Munich High End. Jason Victor Serinus | May 8, 2016 I don't know about you, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around the computational power required to accurately and consistently upsample to DSDx16 (DSD1024). That, however, is what Ed Meitner automatically does to material played through his new EMM Labs DA2.

Munich High End 2016

Enter the genius of Tim De Paravicini, who knows a thing or ninety-nine about recording studio gear and vacuum tuber electronics. His new EAR 825 Q vacuum tube amp (€10,000) is a five band pure valve circuit equalizer. There are adjustable attack points and it is fully balanced. Tube compliment is six 6DJ8 / ECC88.

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Thankfully, I heard nothing of the sorts at Munchen 2016. This time the Neoliths sounded simply glorious, rich, smooth and powerful. Superb low-level detailing was married to non-aggressive but highly dynamic behavior, with perfect timing. The soundstage was as big as it gets, as was the bass, but with perfect coherence.

Munich High End 2016

May 17, 2016 A A A Though I expected nothing less, this year's edition of the Greatest Audio Show on Earth proved to be great all over again. Not only were there more products on display—imagine a collision between CEDIA and CES in their prime—but the sound was, for the most part, better too.

Munich High End 2016

Munich HIGH END Show Report 2016 High End Society Munich Germany A pproximately 500 exhibitors were showcasing their products during HIGH END's Munich 2016 event in Germany. This outpaces HIGH END 2015 and marks this year as a completely sold out event as there could be no more / new exhibitors.

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Munich High End 2016: Loudspeakers and Electronics $20k and Under - Up to 84% in savings when you subscribe to The Absolute Sound SUBSCRIBE. Reviews.. As I was a first-timer to the Munich High End show, my veteran TAS colleagues assured me that it would be a real eye-popper. Indeed, the open, airy atrium venue known as the MOC was quite a.

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