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The Moon in Libra Gentle Libra makes this a harmonious placement, one in which balance is prioritized. Libra can get bogged down in making the "right" decision, but the moon helps cultivate a sense of intuition in your natural problem-solving skills. The moon in Libra lends itself to partnerships of all kinds, from romance to business.

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No matter what sun sign your guy may have, when he has a Libra moon, he's going to have moments where logic will prevail over emotion. He'll think things through and he'll look at both sides of any situation or relationship. You may have a very emotional guy who is a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. When he has a Libra moon sign, he'll be.

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Libra is the sign of the scales, and a male born under this zodiac sign is generally all about balance. The moon governs emotion- meaning, the moon in Libra man is one of the most even-keeled and well-balanced of the zodiac. Sociable, charming, diplomatic, and fair, the Libra moon is generally pleasant to be around, if not downright magnetic.

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When dating a Moon in Libra man, you can expect a balanced, understanding, and loyal partner. They take relationships extremely seriously and will strive to keep the peace and harmony in the relationship. They are often romantic and passionate and will do anything to make you feel loved and appreciated.


The Moon in Libra man is attracted to elegant, feminine women. He wants a wife who is graceful, polite, and who will raise his status in society. Moon in Libra Compatibility. Your moon sign is one of the most important factors when it comes to relationship compatibility. Because the Moon is such a sensitive planet, it is crucial that your lunar.

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The Moon in Libra man is one of the most amazing personalities of the entire zodiac, because he shows his inclinations through artistic activities, and his outlook on life is equally artistic. He amazes people with his charm and with his harmonious and beautiful soul. After all, sometimes he may get stuck into this meticulousness if there is.

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The Libra Moon man is ruled by the planet Venus, which makes him the ultimate romantic. He loves to shower his special someone with affection, gifts, and sweet words. He is the king of grand gestures, like candlelit dinners, surprise weekends away, and the perfect date night. 3. The Mediator

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The moon plays a similar role in astrology, where it controls one's emotions and internal states, such as how you think and react to situations. The moon also dictates your mental state and processes. So a moon in Libra man would have the emotional energy of a Libra, as you can see below. Moon in Libra Traits Striving for Fairness

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Dear Moon in Libra Man, it is okay to take all the time in the world to make the right decisions,however, sometimes you may miss out on great opportunities just because you were slow in the decision-making process. Related Article: 10 Traits of Mars in a Libra Man. Moon in Libra Man Ideal Careers 1. Diplomacy and International relations

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Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Freedom is the motto of a man with a moon in Sagittarius. They are explorers by nature, but with the moon in this placement, they are chief explorers of all things emotional. Don't be surprised to find your partner with a keen interest in philosophy, psychology or human development.

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The Moon in Leo man is attracted to: confidence. This Moon sign sure likes a dignified, self-confident woman. A Leo Moon sign will always be attracted to the glitz and glamour of the spotlight.

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LIBRA MOON SIGN IN MAN. This man has a very delicate and romantic soul. The Moon in Libra is linked to refined emotions and beauty understood as a sense of aesthetics and harmony. He is a man with a great sense of beauty and symmetry; he needs to be surrounded by beautiful things and people and loves all that is artistic and perfect..

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The Moon in Libra man is the epitome of a loyal and supportive friend who will: Go above and beyond for the people he cares about. Display genuine concern and empathy for friends' well-being. Be a dependable and trustworthy confidant. In conclusion, a Moon in Libra man is a master of communication and friendship.

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When a man with Libra moon talks he appears very innocent. He just sounds nice. It is the work of his emotions which prefer to take the middle road instead of left and right. In a way, he is quite a street smart person! He knows to add wisdom to his sentence and that wins the hearts of his employers. This also compels his acquaintances to.

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A Moon in Libra Man enjoys spending time with his partner, engaging in activities that foster a sense of connection and equality. Commitment and Loyalty. In relationships, Moon in Libra Men value commitment and loyalty from their partners. They are hesitant to make commitments out of fear that they may be making the wrong choice, but once they.

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A Moon in Libra man is charismatic, balanced, and sociable. With their easy-going natures and ability to spark engaging conversations with anyone, Libra Moon men are just plain likable. It's easy to be charmed by a Libra Moon man, with his sharp intellect, quick wit, and attentive gaze that makes you feel like the only person in the room.

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