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Consider the source of the question. The first consideration in responding to someone asking "How you are doing" is the source of the question. For example, if the person is not someone you will see again or if you don't want to grow and maintain a professional relationship with them, then a simple "Fine." is appropriate and significant.

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is a more personalized expression that focuses specifically on a person's condition — their mood, state of health, or general well-being. It is also a more formal form than "How are you doing?" and is usually used when speaking to a person you've met for the first time or someone you aren't particularly close with.

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37 I've heard a lot of times that there is a major difference between saying: How are you? and How are you doing? Is that true? I've heard one was like an extension of "Hello" and does not mean anything, so you should not answer it with "Fine, thank you. What about you?" but also with "How are you (doing)?"

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What are you Doing? St Timothy Presbyterian Church

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How are you doing is one of the most common greetings in the English language. When someone asks, "How are you?" it is important to respond so as not to be awkward or insulting. But how should you respond to this question? How to respond to "How are you?" or "How are you doing?"

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How are you doing 在问啥?. How are you doing? 你好吗、你好. 很多时候两个人一见面就会说 How are you doing? 这个时候就是"你好吗"的意思,侧重问你的状态。. 但对方也就是打个招呼,并不是真的想问你好不好,所以回答就用 Great、Not bad 这种句子一笔带过就行了。. 有.

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In Friends | Netflix / netflixuk Season 1 of the hit sitcom introduces us to hapless Ross, spoiled Rachel, quirky Chandler, dim-witted Joey, free-spirited Phoebe and uptight Monica. Transcript.

The Difference Between “How Are You” and “How Are You Doing”

1 How are you? This is polite, but it's not necessarily a serious inquiry about the other person's well-being. 2 How are you doing? This is a direct inquiry about how a person is feeling in general. 3 Are you OK? The meaning of this phrase depends on the context.

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How you doing is an informal greeting like How's it going. It is most commonly known as the signature pickup line of character Joey Tribbiani from the sitcom Friends. Where does how you doing come from? redbubble How you doing is a shortened form of the longer, more formal greeting how are you doing.

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When someone says "How you doing?" to you, it is an informal greeting that is similar to "How's it going?" or "What's up?" It is a way for someone to say hello and ask how you are doing or feeling. The phrase "How you doing?" is commonly used in colloquial speech and is often used as a general greeting.

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The phrase is also a lot more formal one of the two, you can use this when greeting your boss or co-workers before or during a meeting— or when meeting someone for the first time. Formal emails usually start with this greeting too. The phrase " How are you doing?".

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1. This is more about etiquette than English. However, "How do you do?" is a fixed greeting used mainly in Britain when greeting a stranger for the first time. The correct (formal) response is to repeat the phrase. The greeting is (or was) commonly used by the British upper classes, and a different response, e.g. "Very well, thank you", or.

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Here are some differences: "How are you?" can be used to begin a formal email whereas you should not use "How are you doing?". "How are you doing?" is often understood to actually be an inquiry into someone's health and well-being so the answer to the question is often something like "good" or "great". "How are you.

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The difference between "How are you?" and "How are you doing?" Formal Answers to "How Are You?" for Acquaintances and Strangers Fine Not bad All right Good Well Responding and continuing the conversation Informal Answers to "How Are You?" Okay Great Excited I can't complain / Can't complain Same old Oh, you know I've been better Could be worse

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