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Stone: Recommendation for Bohus grey granite. Here you can see pull out test results of fixing in 30mm granite Bohus grey with 15mm undercut anchors. AVG 15mm anchor pullout [N] AVG 15mm anchor pullout [lbf] Bohus grey 15mm anchor. Stone: Recommendation for Jura Marmor.

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Bohus Grey GET YOU PRICE QUOTE Material Parameters Description Color and photo accuracy is not guaranteed. Since granite is a product of nature, we promise you will never find material that looks exactly like this Granite is a 100% natural material with unique colour and pattern.

Bohus Grey Granit från Sverige! Andrews Granite

BOHUS GREY Due to its uniform pattern, the grey granite from Sweden is particularly suitable for large-area applications, in- and outdoors. Thanks to its acid resistance, the material is suitable for kitchen countertops and many other applications. to overview description material type technical information* check availability

Bohus Grey

Bohus Grey Granite is a gray color. It is from Italy. Bohus Grey Granite is suitable for inside and outside applications.

Bohus Grey mymarmor

Bohus Grey combines many different colors, but despite this relate to the type of gray granite. Its color resembles sand on a beach, which makes this stone very… Its color resembles sand on a beach, which makes this stone very unusual and different from others.

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BOHUS GREY. Der graue Granit aus Schweden ist durch seine uniforme Struktur besonders für großflächige Anwendungen im Innen- und Außenbereich geeignet. Dank seiner Säurebeständigkeit eignet sich das Material unter anderem auch sehr gut für Küchenarbeitsplatten.

Bohus Grey Strauß Natursteine

A Bohus granite type from Norway just north of the Swedish border with glittering shades of light grey. Finishes Iddefjord polished Iddefjord fine honed Iddefjord leather finished Iddefjord flamed Iddefjord hammered About Iddefjord The quarry is located on the Iddefjorden fjord outside of Halden in Norway, close to the Swedish border.

Bohus Grey Granit från Sverige! Andrews Granite

Bohus Grey granite worktop has grey, black and brown speckles. Irregular in its pattern, it provides an earnest and subdued appearance Get in touch Get A Free Project Quote Upload Plans (Optional) Δ Close Skip to content Email: [email protected] Phone: 0800 652 2013| 0208 216 2051 Call: 0800 470 3182| 020 8616 9778 [email protected]


The primary color of Bohus Grey Granite is a cool, medium to dark gray, reminiscent of the rugged landscapes of Sweden. It often exhibits a consistent color throughout the stone, with occasional variations and speckles that add depth and visual interest.

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About Material Type: Granite Origin: Sweden (Tossene, Västra Götaland, Bohuslän) Priamry Color (s): Grey Recommended Usage: Exterior - Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills

Bohus Grey Granit från Sverige! Andrews Granite

Designed by Nature Bohus Grey GRANITE Natural stones retain a timeless beauty. Highly sought-after materials from all over the world make rooms special and create a magnificent, stylish feel. A collection of marble, granite, onyx, travertine and limestone that elegantly furnish, with bright or delicate colours and harmonious shades.

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Granite Bohus Grey Select Thickness : GET AN ESTIMATE PRODUCT INFORMATION Bohus Grey originates in Sweden that is grayish granite with black flecks and tinges of pink. It has quite natural hues that would balance a wide variety of kitchen designs. It can blow you away because of its magnificence that makes it a great deal.

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Bohus Grey Granite Additional Names: Bohus Gray,Bohus Gra Granit,Bohus Grau Granit,Bohus Gra Nordgard Granit,Gra Bohus,Granit 70,Gray Bohus Granite,Grey Bohus Granite,Nordgard Granite,Bohus Gray Granite

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The first quarry TOSSENE Grey Bohus was opened in 1946 by Bror Lundgren. Today, the company is owned by the grandchildren Johan and Jörgen Lundgren, who have taken over from Tage Lundgren. About Hallindens granit Hallindens Granit AB is a modern stone company with a long history. We are constantly working on renewal and improvement.

BOHUS GREY Bösemann Natursteine

Hallindens Granit is the proud supplier of TOSSENE Grey Bohus who supplied to the project. Continue reading. The stone industry aims for fossil-free as early as 2029.. Hallindens Granit AB | 0523-411 55 | [email protected] | Stenbrottet Skarstad 501 | 454 92 Brastad. Scroll to top.

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93 types of different color Granite in Sweden,such as : Bohus Grey Granite,Ebony Black Granite,Vanga Red Granite,Standard Black Granite,Sweden Mahogany Granite. 2024-01-03 03:58:27 Products Products Suppliers Stone Library Buying Requests Stone Fair In Stock Match Your ImagePost Your Needs Sign InJoin Free 0 Cart Favorites My StoneContact Hi,

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