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SMA Pro Primera Ask for price

SMA Pro first

Tested and proven formulation

It may happen that the mother has weak lactation and the amount of breast milk is not enough to satisfy the baby's hunger, or the woman is unable to breastfeed at all due to certain health conditions. In the latter case, artificial milk completely replaces breast milk and becomes the baby's only food. Therefore, the excellent quality of the infant formula and the complete nutritional content are of paramount importance. If this sounds like your scenario, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to SMA Pro First Infant Milk, which is considered to be one of the best breast milk substitutes.

All formulas mimic natural breast milk to meet the changing nutritional needs of growing babies and there are a range of formulas designed to meet the specific needs of children with digestive disorders and babies with allergies. However, if your child has no special nutritional needs, SMA Pro is the perfect first food for your child and will support your baby's healthy growth. Developed for babies from the first days of life up to 12 months, the formula has been carefully adjusted so that your baby's nutrition is as complete as possible. It offers a well thought-out ratio of all the nutrients and ingredients found in natural breast milk, making it the ultimate breast milk substitute. A customized blend of nutritious milk proteins in the form of demineralized whey, skim milk, whey protein concentrate and vegetable oils including canola, palm, coconut and sunflower will help your child feel happier. The vitamins, minerals, probiotics and prebiotics, on the other hand, ensure easy absorption and pleasant digestion and support your baby's healthy growth and mental development.

TTo ensure premium quality, this milk formula has been clinically tested, passed multiple certifications and conforms to WHO standards. Notably, SMA Pro is a predominantly whey formula, meaning it contains more whey and less casein. Whey proteins are better digested and more easily absorbed in small bellies without causing discomfort. In addition, due to the lower content of insulinogenic amino acids, this formula is ideal for precise weight gain control.

The product is manufactured in powder form and comes in sealed containers with airtight lids. On the back of the can you will find feeding instructions and detailed mixing instructions. A tightly sealed jar will keep formula powder dry and fresh for a long time.

In summary, SMA Pro First Infant Milk is balanced and nutritionally complete and is safe to use as the sole food for your baby's healthy feeding when breastfeeding is not an option.

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What ingredients to avoid in baby food?

All parents want the best for their babies. Therefore, the first thing they carefully consider when choosing baby food is the content of the product. And while much has been said about what a quality infant formula should contain, let's mention the ingredients and substances that should be includedNOcontained in formula milk:

  • Processed and refined added sugars not naturally found in milk.
  • Corn syrup, which can negatively affect the baby's metabolism and cause excessive weight gain.
  • High carbohydrate content.
  • Industrial vegetable oils, which often contain deodorants and solvents, and mineral oils, which are mainly used in skin care products.
  • Preservatives and soy lecithin, which can trigger and aggravate allergies.

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SMA Pro first

Aptamil 6-12 months check price

Aptamil 6-12 Months

Ideal for a mixed diet.

As newborns grow, their nutritional needs change to support healthy growth and development of all body systems. Therefore, unlike many other brands that primarily produce infant formula for the 0-12 month period, Aptamil offers formulas specifically designed for newborns and infants. This makes this milk formula from Aptamil the perfect choice for growing babies from 6 to 12 months. It is a weaning phase and the time to introduce complementary foods. However, the need for milk remains high and this follow-on milk from Aptamil rounds off your baby's diet.

With more than 40 years of research into breast milk, Aptamil knows all about the nutritional needs of babies from birth. Therefore, the milk content of the formula is perfectly balanced and at most equal to breast milk, to provide your little ones with everything they need from the 6th month, when milk is no longer the only food. The custom formulation is based on hydrolyzed milk protein that is broken down into smaller pieces that are easier to digest. Because childhood is a time when babies become more active, the composition of milk contains higher levels of vitamins and trace elements such as calcium and iron to help maintain and strengthen bone and muscle growth.

Unlike the first-stage Aptamil formula, which comes in a ready-to-use liquid form, this second-stage product is a powder that you need to dissolve in water before feeding your baby. However, it is very easy to mix it into a drinkable formula. Simply follow the measuring instructions on the packaging and shake the bottle for about 10 seconds to fully dissolve the powder. Also, the powder allows you to produce the right amount of milk to meet your baby's different nutritional needs. And a six pack of 800g jars is a long lasting broth.

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A reinforced formula

As active as they are, 6 month olds are becoming increasingly curious and eager to explore the world around them. Therefore, in addition to rapid physical development, they also face accelerated mental development. And Aptamil follow-on milk was developed to maintain this development through an enriched formulation. Therefore, the content of the product is enriched with saturated and unsaturated fats, including a unique blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, to provide the baby's nervous system with high-quality building material to build healthy cell chains and nourish the brain provide healthy food. . cognitive development. Plus, this Aptamil powder formula contains a unique blend of galacto- and oligosaccharides to keep those little tummies functioning smoothly and promoting loose stools.

In summary, Aptamil Companion Milk is a perfect second-stage formula for growing babies, ensuring a smooth transition to infant feeding and providing your child with all the vitamins and nutrients they need for healthy development. .

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Aptamil 6-12 Months

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HiPP 0-3 months eco-check price

HiPP 0-3 months organic

Top quality from a renowned brand

Undoubtedly, breast milk is the main food that a newborn should eat during those first few months of life. However, if for some reason we have to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding or have to choose only bottle feeding, we only want high-quality formula for our precious babies. The modern baby food market is full of baby food made by different manufacturers under a variety of brand names. Do you want to know how to deal with such a difficult decision? The easiest way is to choose a trusted brand from a trusted manufacturer. Hipp is one such manufacturer.

Hipp started with a biscuit flour factory over 100 years ago and has grown into a large family business producing baby food and is known for the excellent quality of its products. Today, the Hipp range includes a complete range of infant formula for all ages as well as all kinds of supplementary food and drinks for children of different ages. A differentiating advantage of all Hipp products is that they are all made from fully organic and ecological ingredients. The same applies to Hipp's first Combiotic baby food.

As the name suggests, this formula cleverly combines all the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals for complete baby nutrition. Specially formulated for babies from birth to 12 months, the milk formula contains all-organic ingredients, meaning there are no harmful chemicals, toxic pesticides or additives that could harm your baby's health. Hipp Combiotik is enriched with the DHA acid present in natural breast milk and necessary for normal vision and brain development, in addition to an aliphatic AA acid important to maintain proper maturation of the central nervous system, both components of great importance for the baby's first months of life. Thanks to the prebiotic fibers it contains, the formula is easy to digest and promotes healthy intestinal motility.

With the Hipp organic starter milk you can be sure that your little one will only eat healthy and balanced food from the first day of life.

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Pioneers of organic farming

Green ideas have always been the focus at Hipp. This trend goes back to Georg Hipp, who introduced the organic cultivation of fruit and vegetables in 1956. At that time, Hipp began to use raw materials that were excellently grown on organically grown fields. No chemicals, synthetic pesticides and toxic fertilizers, not to mention GMOs. Nothing has changed to this day, except that 50 years ago Hipp had to convince farmers to follow the organic trend, while today the company has an extensive network of affiliated farmers and is one of the largest processors of organic products in Germany and Europe heard.

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HiPP 0-3 months organic

Cow and Tor 0 - 12 months first child

Balance of price and quality

At an affordable price, you can get Cow and Gate infant formula and be assured that your baby is happy, healthy and sleeping well. It's a little cheaper than formulas from many brands, but it's every bit as good as quality formulas and is loved by both parents and their babies.

First of all, the powder formula of this product offers maximum ease of use. Intended to be mixed with water, it is safe to drink and has a longer shelf life than prepared liquids.To eliminate bullying, along with the powder formula, the package is includedComplete, clear and easy to understand instructionsIt is apractical measuring spoon. Consequently, you know the exact portion that is needed for a given age up12 months and make sure your babyYou're getting enough milk to feel full and gain weight in a healthy way.Therefore, the product is highly appreciated by first-time parents who are taking their first steps in parenthood.

The powder quickly dissolves in water, without lumps and deposits, and the milk has a pleasant creamy taste with a subtle sweetness characteristic of breast milk. The formulation of the product is free from artificial flavors and chemical compounds, therefore allergic reactions do not occur in lactose-tolerant babies. And the container is hermetically sealed to keep the powder fresh and free from off-odors.

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Tummy Tummys will be happy

Easy to mix and rich in flavor, Cow's Milk and Gate also offer a well thought-out formulation that makes them a perfect replacement and complement to breast milk. This makes the formula well suited as first milk for newborns and as follow-on milk for babies who are weaning and growing. In addition to milk proteins, lactose, whey and galactooligosaccharides from natural milk, the composition includes refined vegetable oils, minerals and a number of vitamins essential for the healthy development of children in the first year after birth. But best of all, the formula is well accepted by the stomach and does not cause irritation, reflux or stomach pain like many other similar products. On the contrary, it helps improve digestion and combat problems so common in babies, such as colic, constipation and gas. So you can be sure that your baby feels completely comfortable.

In short, Cow and Gate First Infant Milk is an economical and cost-effective alternative to human milk when breastfeeding is not possible or must be combined with bottle feeding.

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Cow and Tor 0 - 12 months first child

Kendamil Phase 1 From Birth Vegetarian Check price

Kendamil Vegetarian Birth Stage 1

The best milk formula for newborns

If you're looking for the best for your little newborn, you can't go wrong with this formula from Kendal. The first product was specially developed for babies up to 6 months and offers a balanced formulation for newborns who rely heavily on breast milk for protection and for whom milk remains the only nourishment.

What sets this product apart from its immediate competitors is the quality of the raw materials it is based on. With 57 years of experience in the production of milk powder, Kendal strives to deliver the best quality through the maximum natural content. And they do this by sourcing the milk for their formulas from organic farms. The manufacturer guarantees that every drop of milk used in this first-stage formula is whole milk from grass-fed cows, which not only provides a much richer natural source of fat, but also allows for a reduction in the amount of vegetable oils in the milk finish. composition of the formula. Speaking of which, the contents of the formula are free from genetically modified ingredients, artificial colors, preservatives and flavors. In addition, it contains only high-quality sunflower, rapeseed and coconut oil and practically no palm oil. In other words, your baby will get the most out of organic whole milk fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for weight gain and healthy newborn development.

Available in powder form, the formula easily dissolves in water. Also, this powder smells great unlike many other products that smell a bit chemical. And it tastes great too, just like regular milk, while a tightly sealed container keeps the powder fresh to the last scoop.

Top 5 UK Baby Food Reviews 2021 (18)

Take care of the health of your baby and the environment

To ensure adequate intake of fatty acids, which are essential for healthy brain and nervous system development in newborns, many formulas are fortified with omega-3 and omega-6. Kendamil is no exception. What makes it different, however, is that instead of the commonly used fish-based omega fatty acids, Kendamil's formula contains vegetable fatty acids derived from pure seaweed. Not only are these acids much easier to digest, they are also non-allergenic. In addition, they make the product suitable for vegetarians and safe for children who are sensitive and prone to allergic reactions. At the same time, the production in this way protects the environment and contributes to the preservation of marine fauna.

To top it off, the Kendamil Stage 1 formula is an all-natural product that is highly nutritious, nourishing and tastes great for newborns. And although some users claim it's a bit pricey, it's worth every penny you pay and your baby's health is priceless.

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Kendamil Vegetarian Birth Stage 1


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