The best online organic stores of 2023 (2023)

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Do you want to live healthy andBio-oriented lifestylewithout all the noise? It's time to visit an online health food store. Online retailers offer a quick way to order healthy food and supplements for home delivery, and it's especially easy with categories based on dietary restrictions or organic options. Many offer a wide variety of items such as sandwiches,gourmet foods, vitamins and supplements, beverages, household items and even pet supplies.

We have the best options for supplements, dietary restrictions,pantry essentials, and more. Whether you're looking for a subscription with access to cheap groceries or searching online for the cheapest healthy food options, there's a store for you.

Read the best online health food stores to take your lifestyle to the next level.

The best online organic stores of 2023

The best online health food stores

The best online health food stores

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  • market thrive
  • Cup
  • Vitakosten
  • eat directly
  • Zing natural
  • Sunfood-Superalimentos
  • farm direct box
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better overall :market thrive

key specs

  • Products:Establishments, Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Food Supplements, Cleaning Items and Beauty Products
  • Diet restriction filter:mi
  • Shipment:Minimum order quantity for free shipping

why we chose it

Thrive Market is our top pick for the best online natural food stores for its huge selection of discount organic groceries delivered right to your door. The company is also committed to sustainability and helping families most in need.

for and against


  • Thousands of discounted organic groceries

  • Membership helps support families in need

  • Sustainable and responsible purchase


  • Some may not like the monthly subscription model

  • Lack of fresh products

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  • Minimum order quantity to qualify for free shipping


Thrive Market is an upscale natural and organic store with a charitable twist. To purchase, you must log in to become a member. In return, that money helps sponsor a low-income family to come together. Thrive is one of the cheapest natural food stores online thanks to its ability to lower the retail price of its products.

The site makes it easy to click on what you're looking for, whether it's organic, dye-free, paleo, raw, or any other wide range of attributes. You don't have to worry about reading descriptions or labels to make sure you're choosing the right products.

While most of Thrive's items are perishable, they also sell meat, poultry, and seafood, but you'll need to log in to the site to see products and prices. A 30-day free trial is available before you pay and commit to a subscription.

vice champion,better overall :Cup

key specs

  • Products:Shelves, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, coffee and tea, dietary supplements, bath and beauty products, household items and more
  • Diet restriction filter:mi
  • Shipment:based on weight; can be expensive

why we chose it

Kaylyx achieves the second overall position for its wide range of healthy products, available fresh and in bulk, and the company's commitment to the environment.

for and against


  • Wide range of items for the home, garden and sport

  • Useful "Knowledge Center" feature on the website

  • Customers can order online, by phone or by mail.


  • Shipping may take 3-10 days after order processing

  • Items may ship separately due to multiple fulfillment centers

  • Shipping is by weight and adds up quickly.


Kalyx calls itself a "natural market," but you'll also find plenty of certified organic products to choose from. There are options to buy some products in bulk or in boxes. This is great for sharing or reloading items you use frequently, but you can also purchase items in smaller quantities.

Tea drinkers will enjoy a selection of wellness teas including black, green and herbal teas. Coffee drinkers are represented, too, with whole beans, ground beans, K-cups, and flavor blends to suit all tastes.

In addition to groceries, you'll find garden tools, household items, and even sports equipment. Pro Tip: If you want an ant farm, they sell them in the science section.

The best supplements :Vitakosten

key specs

  • Products:Non-perishable items, vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, homeopathic items and more
  • Diet restriction filter:mi
  • Shipment:Minimum order quantity for free shipping

why we chose it

Vitacost is our number one choice for nutritional supplements, with a long history of selling a wide range of vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, homeopathic items, and natural foods such as snacks and baking mixes.

for and against


  • Offers more than 35,000 wellness items.

  • International shipments to some countries

  • Easily sort items based on diets


  • For free shipping, the minimum cost must be met

  • The website may seem clunky

  • Some items may arrive packed

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Vitacost is perhaps best known for its vitamins and supplements, but it also sells a wide range of organic and natural foods.

The company offers well-known brands that you'll find in many supermarkets, such as Bob's Red Mill, Lundberg, Simply Organic, and Amy's Organic, but you'll also find exclusive products from Vitacost and many other brands that are unlikely to be available in your store. shopkeeper.

Bakers will love the selection of flours, including many exciting gluten-free alternatives. And those who like baked goods more than baking will appreciate baking mixes that make dessert preparation much easier.

In addition to groceries and supplements, Vitacost also offers pet care and cleaning products, shampoos, makeup, and other personal care items.

Best for dietary restrictions. :eat directly

key specs

  • Products:Barns, baby and children's products, health and beauty, and pet care
  • Diet restriction filter:mi
  • Shipment:Minimum order quantity for free shipping

why we chose it

Direct Eats is our pick of the best online health food stores for shoppers with dietary restrictions. Beset by food allergies and a lack of safe food options, the founders of Direct Eats created a company dedicated to providing safe and delicious food for people with restricted diets.

for and against


  • Offer gluten-free products and other specific ingredients

  • The site focuses on data on allergens and information on ingredients

  • Useful site navigation for product purchases.


  • Includes only non-perishable food

  • A minimum purchase is required to qualify for free shipping

  • Some items often sell out


Choosing organic on Direct Eats is as easy as clicking a button. You can simply skip nuts, dairy, or other ingredients from your search. Plus, you can limit your selection to Paleo, Fair Trade, or Low Carb.

Most items online are sold in multi-packs, but the quantities are reasonable. Many products come in packs of three or four instead of entire boxes, so you won't be left with a large number of items you don't want.

In addition to groceries, there are also baby and children's products, health and beauty items, and pet products. There are no membership fees, no minimum order quantities, and free shipping anywhere in the continental US, making it easy to compare prices to make sure you get the best deal.

Best for pantry essentials. :Zing natural

The best online organic stores of 2023 (9)

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key specs

  • Products:Non-perishable items, dietary supplements and superfoods
  • Diet restriction filter:NO
  • Shipment:Minimum order quantity for free shipping

why we chose it

The ultimate in pantry supplies, Natural Zing sells hundreds of healthy, non-perishable items such as powders, dried fruits and nuts, and other gourmet and nutritious treats.

for and against


  • The Rewards program offers discounts and promotions

  • Some items are available in bulk.

  • The company supports sustainability initiatives


  • Some products may vary in color/size depending on the vintage

  • Specialty items may not appeal to mass consumers

  • Minimum cost to qualify for free shipping


Look no further than Natural Zing for a wide range of pantry essentials. From high-quality almond flour and raw olives to nut and herb butters, you'll find just about everything you need for a healthy raw lifestyle.

There are plenty of creative offerings for those looking to stock their kitchens with eclectic dinner ingredients like broccoli sprouts, black beans, brown rice protein, dried fruit, spices, and seasonings.

While this site doesn't focus exclusively on organic foods, all products are labeled accordingly so you know if the food is organic, wild-caught, or sustainably grown before you buy.

The best superfoods :Sunfood-Superalimentos

key specs

  • Products:Stores, Superfoods, Nutritional Supplements, Bath & Body & Home Products
  • Diet restriction filter:NO
  • Shipment:Minimum order quantity for free shipping

why we chose it

Sunfood Superfoods is an online store dedicated to producing dozens of nutrient-dense superfoods for optimal health and wellness, including supplement powders, capsules, and raw foods.

for and against


  • Products are tested by independent third parties.

  • Ethically grown and fair trade items

  • Detailed and informative product descriptions.


  • Some items are expensive

  • Some customers complain about slow service

  • Bag packaging can be difficult to reseal


Sunfood Superfoods focuses on superfoods, from acai to spirulina and everything in between—you'll find powders, whole raw nuts, dried fruit, and bee pollen.

To easily add superfoods to your diet, there are shake mixes and supplements. All products are labeled so you know if they are organic, raw, or contain other healthy attributes.

Lest you think superfoods are just weird berries and weird veggies, check out the snack section. While the company's main focus is groceries, they also carry a small selection of health and beauty items.

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best organic :farm direct box

key specs

  • Products:Organic fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • Diet restriction filter:NO
  • Shipment:libre

why we chose it

Farmbox Direct is our top pick for their commitment to sourcing and shipping fresh, organic produce.

for and against


  • The boxes are seasonal each week.

  • Various sizes and types of boxes.

  • Includes a box for juices and diabetes.


  • Some customers complain about too many containers

  • boxes are expensive

  • Customers report canceling can be difficult


One thing most online grocery retailers lack is fresh produce, as it's much easier to store and ship non-perishables. This means that you have to buy fruits and vegetables elsewhere.

If your local supermarket isn't meeting your needs, Farmbox Direct can step in and deliver fresh, organic fruits and vegetables right to your door.

Farmbox Direct delivers fresh, regional fruits and vegetables directly to your home in three different pack sizes. Green, orange, and red juice boxes are also available, and customers can order herbs individually.

Once you've chosen your base box, you can customize it to include the products of your choice. Shipping is free, but a $5.98 packing and handling fee is added to each box. You can also add items to your box to get exactly what you need, in the amounts needed for your favorite recipes.

final verdict

Thrive Market is our top pick for online health food stores, thanks to its wide product selection and availability, easy-to-use website, and member discounts on healthy groceries. The company allows users to do a significant portion of their purchases in one place, including options like meat, poultry, and seafood, as well as room-temperature food.

As an added benefit, Thrive Market's membership program benefits low-income families, students, teachers, veterans and more, without paying membership fees. When you join Thrive Market, your membership sponsors others with your own access to discounted natural food products.

Compare the best online health food stores

ChaseproductsFood restriction filtershipment
market thrive
better overall
Establishments, Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Food Supplements, Cleaning Items and Beauty ProductsmiMinimum order quantity for free shipping
second overall winner
Shelves, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, coffee and tea, dietary supplements, bath and beauty products, household items and moremibased on weight; can be expensive
The best supplements
Non-perishable items, vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, homeopathic items and moremiMinimum order quantity for free shipping
eat directly
Best for dietary restrictions.
Barns, baby and children's products, health and beauty, and pet caremiMinimum order quantity for free shipping
Zing natural
Best for pantry essentials.
Non-perishable items, dietary supplements and superfoodsNOMinimum order quantity for free shipping
The best superfoods
Stores, Superfoods, Nutritional Supplements, Bath & Body & Home ProductsNOMinimum order quantity for free shipping
farm direct box
best organic
Organic fruits, vegetables and herbsNOlibre

frequent questions

What do online natural product stores sell?

Online health food stores sell healthy foods, supplements, pet supplies, and eco-friendly cleaning and personal care products.

Is it safe to buy groceries online?

Buying groceries online is generally safe. When ordering produce or meat, be sure to inspect the items carefully and always wash and rinse fruits and vegetables before eating. If items appear to be damaged during shipping, please document their condition by submitting a photo to customer service as soon as possible.

Many vitamins and supplements are not evaluated by the FDA, but some online health food stores may also claim to test supplements on a third-party website to ensure potency and effectiveness.

Can I buy all my groceries at an online health food store?

Depending on your household needs, you can buy most of your groceries from one online health store, but you may need to buy from multiple vendors depending on your needs.

Some online health food stores do not sell fresh produce or perishables, only non-perishable pantry items, snacks, and items for the home and pets. However, most sell and stock a wide variety of food categories and specialties, providing consumers with a wide variety of health-related food and grocery options.

Do online health food stores charge sales tax?

While most online health food stores don't charge sales tax, some do, depending on which state you live in and which state the business is located in. If VAT is added, it will be displayed in your shopping cart before you check out.

Do online organic stores have the right of return?

Before you buy, check each store's return policy, as policies may vary from store to store. For example, Sunfood encourages anyone concerned about the products to call customer service before attempting a return.


We hired a panel of researchers to review and rank some of the best online health food stores. We strive to offer a wide range of stores specializing in various health and nutrition items, including organic groceries, vitamins and supplements, fresh produce, pantry and household cleaning, and pet supplies.

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Our panel took into account company offers and specials, product prices, shipping costs, and customer reviews on various websites. The researchers commissioned and reviewed the online shopping experience of each online store to understand the consumer journey while evaluating the products and customer experience to identify some of the best online health food stores available.

The best online organic stores of 2023 (15)


Which organic brand is the best? ›

Best Organic Companies In India In 2023
  • Aryavarta Organics Pvt. Ltd. ...
  • Bansi Gir Gauveda. Brand: Gir. ...
  • Corelife Wholefoods Private Limited. Brand: Mangal Organics. ...
  • Elworld Agro & Organic Foods Pvt Ltd. Brand: Elworld Organic. ...
  • Geo-Fresh Organic. ...
  • Nature Bio Foods Ltd. ...
  • Nature Pearls Private Limited. ...
  • Natureland Organics Foods Pvt Ltd.

Where can I buy organic products online? ›

Best Places to Buy Affordable Organic Groceries Online
  • Farmbox Direct. Best organic produce box. See at Farmbox Direct.
  • Amazon Fresh. Best for organic produce that you choose. ...
  • Thrive Market. Best for organic snacks and pantry items. ...
  • FreshDirect. Best selection of organic meats. ...
  • Wild Fork Foods. Best for organic chicken wings.
Oct 17, 2022

What brands are actually organic? ›

Top 10 Organic Food Brands Available In Market
  • Whole Foods Market: This amazing organic food brand is a good option for people in search of gluten free food items. ...
  • Urban Organics: ...
  • Earth's Best Organics: ...
  • Wildwood: ...
  • Mary's Gone Crackers: ...
  • Amy's Kitchen: ...
  • Green And Black's: ...
  • 365 Everyday Value:
Jan 4, 2023

What is the largest organic brand? ›

Kroger's exclusive Simple Truth brand is the largest natural and organics brand in the world.

What are 3 foods you should always buy organic? ›

Read below to see the 12 fruits and vegetables that the EWG recommends that you buy organic, beginning with the most contaminated food.
  • Strawberries. Strawberry Tart. ...
  • Spinach. 8500471.jpg. ...
  • Kale, Collards & Mustard Greens. Citrus Kale Salad. ...
  • Nectarines. 3758033.jpg. ...
  • Apples. ...
  • Grapes. ...
  • Bell Peppers & Hot Peppers. ...
  • Cherries.
Mar 17, 2021

Why is Trader Joes organic so cheap? ›

Business Insider reports that, "eighty percent of the products carried by Trader Joe's are in-house," which means the groceries are purchased straight from source: suppliers. With the middlemen removed, costs are reduced. It's basic supply chain economics and it makes all the difference.

What shouldnt you buy organic? ›

Foods you shouldn't buy organic
  • Avocados.
  • Bananas.
  • Pineapple.
  • Asparagus.
  • Broccoli.
  • Onions.
  • Kiwi.
  • Cabbage.

Why do people choose not to buy organic? ›

Reasons against buying organic food

Organic food is more expensive to buy than non-organic food. Many people believe that organic food does not allow the use of any chemicals. Contrary to popular opinion, organic food production does allow a limited number of chemicals to be used.

What groceries are worth buying organic? ›

Organic items worth buying as often as possible: Apples, baby food, bell peppers, celery, cherries, dairy, eggs, imported grapes, meat, nectarines, peaches, pears, poultry, potatoes, red raspberries, spinach, and strawberries.

Is organic worth the extra cost? ›

The bottom line

There is no strong evidence that suggests organic food is better for you. That said, organic farming may be good for the environment and can reduce your exposure to pesticides. But, ultimately, eating more fruits and vegetables is more important for your health than choosing organic options.

What is the number one organic commodity sold in the US? ›

USDA NASS, 2019 Organic Survey (2017 Census of Agriculture). USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender. Milk and broiler chickens were the top two organic commodities, with more than $1 billion each in sales, followed by eggs at almost $900 million.

What are the most wanted organic products? ›

“The major demands under the organic product category are for oil seeds, cereals & millets, sugar, fruit juice concentrates, tea, spices, pulses, dry fruits, medicinal plant products etc.

What state buys the most organic food? ›


What is considered 100% organic? ›

Produce can be called organic if it's certified to have grown on soil that had no prohibited substances applied for three years prior to harvest. Prohibited substances include most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Is Aldi organic food really organic? ›

Organic Food

Since 2014, we've added 12 organic produce items and show no signs of stopping. All our organic food must be produced according to USDA Organic guidelines, which include, but are not limited to avoiding synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers, GMOs, antibiotics, growth hormones and irradiation.

What is the difference between 100% organic and organic? ›

Certified 100% organic: This certification can be given to products that contain 100% organic ingredients, not including salt and water which are natural ingredients. Certified organic: This certification can be given to products that contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, not including salt and water.

Which country is fully organic? ›

Smart and organic state

'Organic Estonia refers to a state which values clean food and a free natural state of being. Half of the Estonian territory is covered in forest, which, as our forests are all naturally grown. Hence the produce of our forests is actually already organic.

Does Oprah Own Organics? ›

Oprah Winfrey has registered the trademarks "Oprah's Organics" and "Oprah's Harvest" to market organic products grown at her farm on Maui, which is registered in Hawaii as a business called "Oprah's Farm LLC."

Where is the most organic food sold? ›

Organic foods are sold to consumers primarily through three main venues: conventional grocery stores (93%), natural food stores, and direct-to-consumer markets (7%).

Should oatmeal be organic or not? ›

Oats. If you love a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with some fresh fruit and nuts, go with organic if you can. “Oats can contain glyphosate which is an herbicide that has been linked to cancer. Buying organic oats can help decrease the exposure to this herbicide,” Schapiro says.

What meat should you buy organic? ›

Poultry and Pork: Buy Organic

They also don't get antibiotics, which is a common practice on conventional farms. Experts agree that the regular use of these drugs can lead to dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria. If you buy conventional meat, trim off the fat and skin. That's where pesticide hides.

Should blueberries be organic? ›

Berries. Definitely choose organic when purchasing these juicy gem-colored fruits. They can carry a surprising amount of pesticides. Strawberries, the biggest offender, top the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen—a list of fruits and vegetables ranked by pesticide content after a vigorous wash.

Does ALDI sell organic foods? ›

Our recipe is simple. Provide all organic and Non-GMO verified products at a great price. Whether it's our soy milk, frozen fruits, or soybean spaghetti, you won't find any added artificial ingredients and preservatives.

What's the most expensive grocery store? ›

According to a survey conducted by Business Insider, Whole Foods is 15% more expensive than general grocery stores such as Walmart and Kroger.

Is Trader Joe's overpriced? ›

Trader Joe's is definitely cheaper than the average grocery store, but you might have to wait in a longer checkout line to take advantage of them.

Should peanut butter be organic? ›

According to the USDA Pesticide Data Program, there are eight pesticides commonly found in traditional peanut butter. Because you won't be exposed to chemicals and other harmful substances, organic peanut butter is the better option.

What are the 3 disadvantages of organic food? ›

Cons Of Organic Food:
  • High Price Levels. In organic farming, the produce is usually lower due to the lack of synthetic fertilizers. ...
  • Spoils Quickly. This is the most alarming fact related to organic food. ...
  • Contamination By E. Coli. ...
  • Hard To Find. Sometimes, you may not be able to find organic food at a store near you.
Dec 5, 2022

Are bananas high in pesticides? ›

Although banana farmers use particularly high amounts of pesticides, with the Environmental Working Group putting the number at 35 pounds per acre, the residues aside from thiabendazole are particularly low because the banana peel protects the edible portion from many chemicals.

What is the bad side of organic? ›

Critics say organic farming is less efficient than conventional farming, and so uses more land, leading to greater deforestation, which causes higher carbon dioxide emissions and biodiversity loss.

What happens to your body when you start eating organic? ›

Not only are you lessening pesticides in your body, but you're also making your immune system stronger. Organic foods contain a higher content of minerals and vitamins, which also help improve your immune system.

Is Buying organic a waste of money? ›

Organic foods are clearly healthier for the planet, because they support an agricultural system that avoids synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and promotes a more biodiverse ecosystem, with attention to the health of waterways, soil, air, wildlife, farm workers, and the climate.

Does peeling cucumbers remove pesticides? ›

Conclusion: The residue values in collected samples one hour after pesticides application were higher than standard value. The storing, washing, and peeling procedures lead to the decrease of pesticide residues in greenhouse cucumbers. Among them, the peeling procedure has the greatest impact on residual reduction.

Should I wash vegetables with vinegar? ›

Washing fruit and vegetables in vinegar is a good way to remove potential bacteria. Use a solution of three parts water and one part vinegar. Plain water is also effective at removing most bacteria. Vinegar will not make produce last longer.

Are organic eggs better? ›

Organic eggs are also the most nutritional egg option available. Since the hens are fed high quality feed and live better lives, they produce fresher eggs that contain more nutrients. In fact, you can see the nutritional difference between a conventional and organic egg simply by comparing their yolks.

Does buying organic really matter? ›

And yes, studies have found that there are higher antioxidant levels in organically grown foods. There's also evidence that organic food has lower toxic, heavy metal levels and less pesticide residue, with organic eggs, meat and dairy products containing more good-for-you omega-3 fatty acids.

Why organic food is too expensive? ›

Prices of organic foods include not only the cost of the food production itself, but also a range of other factors that are not captured in the price of conventional food, such as: Environmental enhancement and protection (and avoidance of future expenses to mitigate pollution).

What are the best organic food products? ›

Read below to see the 12 fruits and vegetables that the EWG recommends that you buy organic, beginning with the most contaminated food.
  • Strawberries. Strawberry Tart. ...
  • Spinach. 8500471.jpg. ...
  • Kale, Collards & Mustard Greens. Citrus Kale Salad. ...
  • Nectarines. 3758033.jpg. ...
  • Apples. ...
  • Grapes. ...
  • Bell Peppers & Hot Peppers. ...
  • Cherries.
Mar 17, 2021

Is USDA Organic the best? ›

No. Growing methods do not universally make foods better or worse for you nutritionally. This is especially true when you consider eating a balanced diet overall. For example, USDA Organic beef is grass-fed, which implies that you'll find slightly more omega-3 fatty acids in it compared to conventionally raised cattle.

Does certified organic mean 100% organic? ›

Certified 100% organic: This certification can be given to products that contain 100% organic ingredients, not including salt and water which are natural ingredients. Certified organic: This certification can be given to products that contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, not including salt and water.

Should eggs be organic? ›

While there are multiple benefits of organic eggs, one of the main reasons is simple—they're healthier for both you and the chickens. In a study from Penn State University, research showed that eggs from organic egg producers had twice as much omega-3 fatty acids, and much higher percentages of vitamins A and E.

Can I trust USDA organic? ›

While there are many marketing claims that add value to foods, consumers can be assured that USDA organic products are verified organic at all steps between the farm and the store.

Do you think buying USDA organic is worth it? ›

Organic foods are clearly healthier for the planet, because they support an agricultural system that avoids synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and promotes a more biodiverse ecosystem, with attention to the health of waterways, soil, air, wildlife, farm workers, and the climate.

How do you know if something is really organic? ›

Under the USDA's National Organic Program, farmers who market their products as "organic" also must – or at least should – have their wares certified by a USDA-accredited agent (or face fines if caught). If it's touted as “certified,” you can ask to see a copy of the organic certification paperwork.


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