The best online organic stores 2023 (2023)

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Margaret Abrams

The best online organic stores 2023 (1)

Margaret Abrams

Margaret is a food and lifestyle writer who was previously a contributor to the Evening Standard and Observer. She has written for Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, Southern Living, TheKitchn and more.

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Maryann Walsh, NMF, RD, CDE

The best online organic stores 2023 (2)

Clinically verified byMaryann Walsh, NMF, RD, CDE

Maryann Walsh, MFN, RD, CDE is a Registered Nutritionist based in Palm Beach, Florida. She completed her Masters in Food and Nutrition and a dietetic internship at Bowling Green State University.

Registered Nutritionist

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Whether you're looking for supplements, ready meals, or creative snacks, there's an online health food store for you. Aside from your basic groceries, most of them also have a selection of delicious snacks and edibles (dragon fruit chips - give it a try).Online health food storesIt has all your food, interesting ingredient or whatever needs covered. You need to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

We've rounded up the best online health food stores for everything from trendy plant-based snacks to all your groceries.

The best online organic stores of 2023

overall better :thriving market

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Why should you try it?

Thrive Market is the best known health food store and by far the one with the most options from snacks to full meals. With the slogan "Healthy Living Made Easy," Thrive Market makes it easy to shop for everything you need in one place.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The best selection of canned goods, beauty products and more

  • Save money on brands you'd typically find at Whole Foods

  • Shop by diet, with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options

  • The site is easy to navigate.

In contrast

  • Push subscription service makes one-time orders difficult

  • Searching can be difficult simply because there are so many options.


Thrive Market was founded in 2014 by four founders from diverse backgrounds, and since then the company has literally thrived, offering subscribers affordable and super-healthy options.

Start shopping at Thrive Market with a customizable questionnaire similar to those offered by most subscription services. The short questionnaire asks who you typically shop from, whether you have any special diets or allergies, what's on your shopping list, what pasta alternatives you use, and what kind of canned food you have in your kitchen.

Thrive Market is characterized by a wide range of items, including clean makeup, canned goods, ready meals and vitamin supplements. Thrive products are healthy and sustainable, and subscriptions make them cheaper. The company offers more than 5,000 organic products, including brands such as Sir Kensington's and Dr. Bronner's as well as a cheaper national brand. I could spend hours scrolling through the healthy options.

Place a one-time order or save up to 30% with auto-ship orders. Membership is offered annually for about $60, or about $5 a month. Thrive Market guarantees to get your subscriber subscription back to you in savings every year, and if you don't, you'll get a credit when you renew.

Thrive Market offers a free subscription to Thrive Gives distributed through non-profit organizations that allow people to sign up; eligibility is decided on a case-by-case basis. Thrive Market is also ready to give something back. Over the past four years, the company has raised more than $3.6 million to fund access to food.

best budget :The natural food store

Why should you try it?

The Natural Food Shop is the best natural food option online and offers many options that you might find at a well-stocked local health food store.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Lots of top quality natural food brands so you know what you're getting

  • Lower prices and you can see the original prices so you know what offer you are getting

  • The product range includes food, skin care and cleaning products.

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In contrast

  • The website seems a bit outdated

  • The products are not as innovative as other more modern companies.

  • Many products are available at similar local health food stores or supermarkets


The owners of the Natural Foods Store started the company after suffering from physical ailments they believed were the result of the foods they ate. Today, Natural Food Store focuses on clean living, from groceries to cleaning supplies. The product range extends from dietary supplements and protein powders to herbs, medicines and pet food.

The store stocks many instantly recognizable brands including Almond Breeze, Eden Foods and Amy's Kitchen. Users can also easily buy in bulk to stock up on almond milk or canned goods and save money.

No account is required, you can order online or by phone, and the company ships to the United States and Canada. There's a rewards program if you want to save even more money, and it's free to create an account.

best for snacks :commodity market

Why should you try it?

Goods Mart is an online one-stop shop for fun and tasty snacks that's equal parts healthy and trend-led.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Lots of interesting options that you won't find anywhere else.

  • By far the best selection of sandwiches

  • The snack boxes offer a taste test for people who don't know what to order.

  • Options for everyone including Paleo and Low Sugar

  • Some products are unique, like the cactus sandwiches.

In contrast

  • More expensive than other options and lacks a range of products


Goods Mart founder Rachel Krupa grew up in a small Michigan town of 1,200 people. He started Goods Mart to give people the same close-knit community vibe as a small shop, and now all of his products are available online.

Goods Mart products contain no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and are free from harmful pesticides. The vibrant brand is also giving back, working with Lunch on Me in Los Angeles and the Bowery Street Mission in New York to ship groceries to the homeless within 24 hours of expiry. Other options on this list have more restaurants, but think of it more as your local health food store than a grocery store.

products includeQueso-CheddarBiscuits inSpicy Thai mushroom skewers. If you're not sure where to start, there are a variety of lunch boxes.

best for supplements :Eat now

Why should you try it?

We chose NOW Foods because they focus on making high-quality, natural products at affordable prices that make it easy for everyone to lead a healthier life.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Family business with reasonable prices and many additional options.

  • Dietary supplements can be bought in bulk and are cheap with some options on offer.

  • Buy essential oils, supplements and even pet food all at once

In contrast

  • Think less tasty snacks, more nutritional supplements

  • It's not ideal for fresh food, but offers plenty of recipes to take home.


NOW started out in Chicago as a small chain of health food stores called Health House, owned by entrepreneur and physical chemist Elwood Richard. His research focused on how healthy foods and supplements help improve physical performance, which led him to start a business offering affordable healthy options.

Shopping NOW is like looking at a particularly helpful favorite health food store. The options are numerous and varied, including items like seed mixes and essential oils. Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman is a fan (she opts for pumpkin seeds, peppermint oil, and magnesium). NOW is perfect when you're looking for nuts and berries or want to add some vitamins to your daily routine. Plus, you can seriously upgrade your smoothies with options like pure spirulina powder and a triple omega seed blend with hemp, chia, and flaxseed hearts.

The family-owned company is a solid choice, especially for people looking for essential oils, with easy blends and pure oils, as well as helpful instructions on how to use them exactly.

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Best for high quality herbal ingredients :PLANTA

The best online organic stores 2023 (11)

If you want to do something good for yourself, but still want to know that you are using fresh, plant-based ingredients, PLANTA is just right for you.

Why should you try it?

We chose PLANTA because it offers healthy ingredients you won't find anywhere else, like truffle almond parmesan and truffle mayonnaise.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Ship healthy vegan grocery items across the country

  • Ingredients you really can't find anywhere else

In contrast

  • More limited selection than other offers.

  • Some offers are expensive

  • Offers decadent herbal options.


PLANT, the bustling plant-based restaurants in Toronto and Miami, are offering domestic and Canadian delivery of their impressive pantry items.

Restaurateur Steven Salm and chef and partner David Lee offer healthy dining options including truffle mayonnaise, peanut sauce, kimchi and more via PLANTA at Home. The plant-based restaurant also offers healthy treats, including a matcha cheesecake. For those looking for complete, healthy meals, there are meatballs, veggie burgers and cauliflower fritters.

This is the best online health food store to use when you want to treat yourself but still want fresh, plant-based ingredients.

The best for meal prep. :come Buddha

Why should you try it?

GO Buddha offers healthy and delicious meals, but also allows you to mix and match specialties like coffee and beverages.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Lots of healthy options for everyone.

  • Makes meal prep easy and convenient

In contrast

  • It doesn't have the same supermarket options as the others.


GO Buddha's mission is to create accessible and affordable herbal programs. The store offers ready meals as well as health food items like coffee, hydrating sports drinks, pre-workout drinks, and treats like peanut butter buckeyes and chocolate chip coconut cookie dough.

Prepared meals include mushroom stroganoff, nacho kit, jackfruit noodles and of course Buddha bowls. The service ships nationwide, with prices ranging from about $3 per item to about $130 if you opt for a custom grocery box for the week.

The Ohio-based company offers overnight shipping nationwide with vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

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final verdict

final verdict

All of these options offer different types of healthy foods, whether you're looking for staples like avocado oil, reishi snacks, or supplements to help with your daily life. If you live in a place where healthy food isn't readily available, or if you're thinking about making recipes using innovative and unusual ingredients, these companies make delivery quick and easy. These online health food stores make it easy to go vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free because it's easy to browse the options and make healthy choices.

Thrive Market is the overall best option simply because of the variety of products. It's a one-stop shop whether you're looking for whole meals, pantry items or specialty snacks, including Smart Sweets and Brami Snacking Lupini Beans. You'll also save money on your favorite Whole Foods snacks.

frequently asked questions

What are online health food stores?

Online health food stores have everything from plant-based snacks to dietary supplements. Whether you're trying to add more plants to your diet or are just looking for specific items, these stores make it easy to look for very specific wellness products.

How much do the products cost in online health food stores?

The price varies depending on whether the program requires membership or whether you can make an individual purchase. Thrive Market encourages users to become members since their prices are lower. At NOW Foods you buy what you need with a focus on supplements and prices tend to be lower as the products are private label.

Other online health food stores have more expensive options with ingredients or snacks you would find in restaurants. PLANT is the more sophisticated option as it is intended for high end pantries. Goods Mart also has higher priced snacks but offers treats you can't find anywhere else. The health food store is cheap and you can only order one.

How we choose the best online health food stores

We've researched the most popular online health food stores with the widest range, focusing on a variety of options from budget groceries to upscale takeaways. We looked at product reviews, especially when the sites had their own house brand. We also looked at the different products available on the websites and whether they are difficult to find or available in local stores.

Many of the sites offer super-healthy snacks you might find at Whole Foods, supplements that are cheaper than a vitamin store, and the chance to experiment with interesting ingredients.

The best vegan food delivery services

The best online organic stores 2023 (15)

Article Sources

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