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Last updated: December 12, 2022

On a daily basis, nothing better than having fun while moving quickly and comfortably around the city.


Walking is free and generally pleasant, if not the fastest.

Cycling is fun, very fast, still affordable, but totally over the top for trips of just a mile or two.

Get on the skateboard. Not the kind you used to walk around your neighborhood as a kid, but a more grown-up take on this concept.

Think taller handlebars,formLarger diameter wheels and a more stable overall construction.

Razor, the same Razor that sells all children's scooters, also makes some adult variants.

They areA5 luxis probably the most readily available adult scooter on the US markettook oneearlier this summer.


  • A confidant who is always available
  • As accessible as it is
  • Fits (most) adults
  • Feeling of lightness and agility
  • almost maintenance free
  • Braking is less annoying than you might expect (!)


  • Rough ride on uneven pavement
  • Handlebars and deck can feel tight
  • NOfor wet surfaces

I liked it, would generally recommend it, but sold it anyway.

Below are the reasons.

(By the way, read until the end for some suggestions for heavier adult scooters, scooters, and electric scooters.)

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Razor A5 Lux Manufacturer Specifications

  • Frame material: aluminum
  • Wheel Size: 8″ (200mm)
  • Tire material: urethane
  • Brake: fenders (stomp)
  • Weight: 8.38 pounds
  • Maximum rider weight: 220 pounds
  • Max Rider Height:Just5'10" (but read on)
  • Support: yes (retractable)
  • foldable: yes
  • folding handle: e
  • Preis:check

The advantages of the Razor A5 Lux

This is a simple and proven product. And under the right conditions, it's a lot of fun.

(Video) Electric Scooter Setup and Adjustment \\ Handlebars, Brakes, P-Settings, Etc.

Here's what I liked and what I think you'll like too.

Razor A5 Lux hands-on review: A great value scooter for adults (but I sold mine anyway) - Two Wheels Better (1)

My Razor A5 Lux, ready to go

An established brand you've heard of

You've probably noticed that Amazon is being flooded with scooters for adults. For every old name like Razor, there must be a dozen obscure names.

Some are good deals and decent quality, some are not. But the big question is whether the company stillexista quarter or a year from now.

Scooters tend to use proprietary parts. If they break, it's nice to know the brand is still there to replace them. And this is even more important if you need to make a warranty claim.

It's a fair assumption that the Razor will be around for a while.

A cheap, low-risk way to try your hand at scootering

well it's notANDThe cheapest on the market, but hard to find an adult scooter for less than the A5 Lux.

I paid about $85 at Target, and sometimes it's on sale for less. For convenience, you can always check prices on Amazon.Here, Also.

MajorityAdults will be comfortable

With the handlebars at full height, it almost perfectly fits me at 5'10".

My arms are pretty long. Others of similar size may need the bars an inch or two higher than they can climb.

That's why I say it's "basically adult size".

Most boys/teens, most female cyclists and maybe half of male cyclists should be comfortable. Taller people are better off looking elsewhere.

Fast and energetic driving experience is just plain fun

The A5 Lux's urethane wheels aren't cushy (more on that later).

But then again sheAgainensure extremely fast travel on slippery roads.

With fast rolling wheels, very light weight, and a low platform height (easy on your knees!), it requires minimal effort to propel yourself forward.

No need to waste time on maintenance

The best thing about most scooters is how quickly you can hop on them and be out the door.

no tires to inflate, no brake or shifter cables to adjust, no... nothing.

The A5 Lux fits that mold perfectly.

To be clear, you should check the screws for tightness after opening the box and maybe every two weeks thereafter. (Pro tip: a littleblue loctiteprevents the screws from loosening again).

But that's all. It's a beautifully simple design. Aside from these trivial safety checks and eventual replacements when they wear out (like the wheels), there just isn't much you can do.

It is so easy.

Braking is surprisingly confidence-inspiring

If bicycles are your thing, remember that no scooter stops as fast.

(Video) Razor A5 Air Scooter Review (Unboxing, Tests & A6 Comparisons)

They're also not built for bike speeds, so reasonable expectations mean everything here.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised by how effective the A5 Lux's bumper brake was.

Perhaps my childhood razor set the bar too low, but that was it.totally decent.

Again, it won't stop for a penny like a bike with well-adjusted disc brakes.You still need to plan to stop before it becomes urgent.

But stopping at curb speed was no problem.

What's not to like?

For an ultra-simple budget scooter, the A5 Lux is well done.

But keeping the price and complexity low required some compromises.

Some are obvious and minor, but I'll also highlight some that surprised me.

Road vibrations can be intense

The first thing you'll notice on her maiden voyage is how quickly she accelerates.

But the second thing you notice is how hard it vibrates on anything but perfect asphalt.

Foam grips catch the edge. Underfoot, shoes with padded soles (like most running shoes) help dampen platform vibrations.

Still, you can't escape the sturdiness of an unsprung aluminum frame with tough urethane wheels.

It's a brisk ride, but it amps up the rough asphalt on the Richter scale.

Beware of surprise static shocks?

On my first ride, I accelerated to a good speed on the pavement and then braked for a few seconds as I approached the intersection.

When my hand reached the alarm button, I felt the hairs on my arms stand on end.

The moment my finger touched it, I understood itthe most intense static shock of my lifeuntil the date.

It's not terribly painful, but amazing to say the least.

And unfortunately it happened again and again. Almost every time I braked before touching a metal button or door handle, I would get some level of static discharge.

my walksAlwaysThey include some crosswalk signaling buttons, this is one of the reasons I ended up selling the scooter. (Not the main reason, mind you, but a factor.)

I would attribute this to fender brake friction versus the specific wheel material. If so, unfortunately there is no simple solution.

There seems to be only one other mention of this phenomenon (cf.Hereif interested). Apparently not common, but I'm sure not.Oespecially not either.

In short: don't be "surprised" if you find the same thing.

(Video) Segway Ninebot ES1 Electric Scooter Review

Bigger feet are firmly on deck

My 11-foot U.S. male height had enough deck space, but not too much.

to clarifyasI had enough space for my feet. The A5 Lux is 4.5″ wide with plenty of ankle room, not to mention easy transport and storage. However, this is just enough space to rest a corner of the kicking foot.

To maximize this space, rotate your non-kicking foot slightly outward. Keep the heel in place, but let the outside edge of the front of the shoe hang to one side.

This should leave a few inches to rest your kicking foot as you glide. But it's probably better not to ride such rough terrain or simply choose a different scooter if legroom is a priority.

As for the maximum shoe size, I think a US men's size 13 or larger would not easily fit. I can't prove it firsthand, and your preferred riding position is a big factor anyway.

Narrow bars look a little on and off

It must be reiterated that the A5 Lux is delightfully compact. It's easy to store discreetly and transport discreetly.

But part of the downsizing was providing a fairly narrow handlebar—less than 14″ if I remember correctly.

When it comes to bicycle assembly, the principle applies that the handlebar width should be approximately shoulder width apart. This is the most natural and ergonomic position for general driving. It also gives you good control when the going gets tough.

However, 14″ (give or take) is much narrower than any adult shoulder. It's suitable for very young or small riders, but it's not a good design choice for a scooter partially marketed to adults.

Not that we need massive leverage to perform stunts. Even an overhang of up to 18″ wide handlebars would give better stability and control on uneven pavement and the like.

Not a starter for larger adults.

Firstly, Razor offers a 220-pound driver weight limit for the A5 Lux.

This is pretty straightforward and should cover most drivers.

Second, and less clear, is what driver height the A5 Lux works for.

I think anyone over 5ft 10" will have trouble getting used to the height of the handlebars.

Depending on arm length and riding posture, it can be difficult to sit comfortably in an upright position.

Also, taller people have proportionally wider shoulders. This makes an already narrow handlebar feel even tighter.

Massive tires are scary when they're wet

This is not a fault of the A5 Lux, but a problem withallscooters with urethane wheels on the market.

And while static shocks weren't pretty, the risk of wet weather is the main reason I sold mine. (It might not matter where you are, but it's a big deal here in the Pacific Northwest!)

These rock-hard wheels are very fast, but they are totally sketchy in the wet.

For example, it easily slides under you when cornering. Likewise, metal plates and even painted road markings remove any remaining traction. Leaves and debris also bury hazards that sturdy little wheels can't handle.

And the braking? Forget!

To be fair, it'spossibleglide confidently in the rain, even with urethane wheels. That's a topic for another article, but the short version is as slow as walking.

(Video) "Adventure Xootr" by Nutnfancy, Part 1

If rain is unavoidable, just opt ​​for a scooter with inflatable tires and rim brakes. Keep reading as I will mention a few below.

Answering some common questions about the Razor A5 Lux

What is the size and weight limit?

The weight limit is 220 pounds, according to Razor.

Height is not a strict limit, but a matter of comfort. As I mentioned above, riders up to about 5'10"he mustbe comfortable enough, but it depends on how you want it to fit.

Who should and who shouldn't buy?

You'll like the A5 Lux if:

  • Prioritize portability
  • have a limited budget
  • They are no taller than an average-sized adult.
  • Do mostly quick rides (less than a few miles or so)
  • Do not ride in wet weather or on rough surfaces
  • Can accept harshness and vibration in exchange for light weight and efficiency

You should consider something else (see further down this page) if you:

  • You must drive on bad asphalt, roads covered with debris or off-road
  • Expect to use it on wet surfaces
  • Exceeds height or weight range (see above), has particularly broad shoulders and/or very large feet
  • Do you want something smooth and vibration-free?
  • They are particularly concerned about the occasional static shock (yes, seriously, as mentioned above!)
  • You don't mind spending more on additional features or a more capable ride.

Can you drive it off road?

Any scooter with hard urethane wheels really needs to stay on hard surfaces.

More specifically, you must stay indoors.smooth, no dirthard surfaces

Cracks and gravel are annoying. At any speed they are downright dangerous.

There's a reason bicycles have big wheels with relatively soft tires. And that reason becomes obvious the first time you drive over a small speed bump.

What other models should I consider?

Having spent a lot of time (!) researching this exact question, I would start here.

micro,Viva, joxeloare popular brands that sell similar scooters with higher build quality. They also accommodate taller and heavier riders than most Razor products. Some even have suspension and handbrakes!

Micro is easy to find, but Hudora and Oxelo (two European brands) can be hard to find in North America.

All three brands generally cost a little more than Razor, but European brands may require more patience and/or shipping costs to get them.

Arguably more sophisticated due to a more developed adult scooter market in Europe, but it's hard to say. There's plenty to choose from, and despite some claiming slick-looking "review sites," hardly anyone has ever ridden.nofrom them.

What is a bigger/stronger/tougher alternative?

In North America, 10-inch wheelsrazor A6It's a slightly smoother scrolling option.

Forrougher roads, consider something like aRazor A5air(watch the low deck!) orAire microflexible. Both have 8-inch inflatable tires that offer excellent traction and low vibration, but are noticeably slower to ride.

However, there is a whole category of big wheel scooters that are based more on bicycle design than scooters. Often referred to as kick bikes, they are a big step forward in every way.

The huge air-filled tires and great brakes are ideal for tall adults, long rides, rough terrain, heavier loads, wet weather, and anything else microscooters struggle with.

However, they are much bigger and heavier. Many don't fit, and all cost a little more than anything from Razor. They are essentially racing wheels. Whether that's good or bad depends on what you need.

If you are interested in exploring the kick bike segment of the market thenMy personal recommendation isfast. They cost good money, but folding and non-folding models work as well as possible.

Manysmall e-scooters for adultsThey are so practical.They are much larger and more expensive, but worth considering if you a) need them.somePortability and b) most of their rides are at the upper end of reasonable scooter distance.


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