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Pink–Roman Gap TheoryChapter20 - Whatever

Since that day…she has been stressed and fighting with “Ronaldo, nice guy” almost every day. I feel like crying because I tried so hard to make Khun Sam stop but I failed. I was surprised to learn that she emailed Mark Zuckerberg asking for information on Ronaldo, good boy. Of course, not even the Thai government gets this information, how could they? Who is she?

She is just ML Sam.

While she is stressed, Mr. Kirk, who fought her, loves this social media war.

"Serra? So curious, I gave her a reason and then she left."

"Mr. Kirk, you shouldn't fight them."

"Next time you won't interfere again."

The Lord. Kirk is talking to me as I stand in front of the elevator. He invites me to lunch with my colleagues... Of course, I will definitely be the talk of the office.

Calm down Calm down. She is having lunch with Khun Sam... That's right! She will come!

Maybe she wants to see the enemy who's been calling her nosy all day... him, her fiancé, who's right here.

"You have a big smile on your face. Are you stressed?"

"Why is Mon here?"

"I invited her to have lunch with us."

"Are you close to her?" she asks back. Then she looks at me. "You are the boss, but you invite subordinates to lunch. You can spread rumors about it."

“Who would dare spread rumors about me? I am the owner... old man and besides you are with me. But are you okay? He seems grumpy.

The Lord. Kirk talks to Khun Sam as he places his hand lovingly on his shoulder. I feel uncomfortable seeing this, so I decide to walk away from them.

I don't like…

"Hands off." Khun Sam extends his hands as usual. "I'm just smiling. Why should I be in a bad mood? I'm just happy."

"You always do the opposite of what you think."

"Even you say so."

"Did anyone else say that?"

She glances at me briefly and shrugs.

"My friends said so too."

"So what's bothering you?"

"Damn, someone teased me on social media." Although Khun Sam is smiling, I can't feel it. "Because we don't know each other's true identity. So let's talk as we want."

"Do you use social media? Which one?"


"I did not know."

"I am an inexperienced user."

"Then add me."

Khun Sam pauses for a moment, then shakes his head.

"I don't use it often, I just keep up with the news. Do you use it often?"

“Sometimes I am also a beginner.” He smiles at me in a way that only the two of us can. "We're supposed to be Facebook friends Sam. I'll just say I'm in a relationship with you."

"It's too far away. Why do we have to announce this?"

"This is how Facebook works."

"He said the same thing." Khun Sam looks at me. “Facebook is getting me down right now. The more I use it, the more annoying it gets. Lots of speakers.

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"Don't listen to them. You can just write. What goes around comes around."

"Great, I don't want to argue with them in a rude way like they're kids."

"True. It's true."

"Didn't her parents raise her?"

"Your parents must have taught you well, but they didn't listen. If you see them, you must scold them."

"I'm not being rude, you know. But this is the first time I want to react violently. Do you know a way to respond without violence? I want to scold, but with good arguments."

"Tell him to fuck off."

"How? We are in a social network."

"She's texting him 'fuck you, fuck you, multiple times.

"It's like what he said over and over again really happened. So if you say he's gay, he's gay, he's gay, then he really is gay, right?"

"Being gay is not a joke, Sam."

I'm looking at this whole thread and I feel like I shouldn't be here.

Suddenly, disappointment takes over me.

From the elevator to the car, they keep fighting. Khun Sam, who is not usually a talkative person, does not stop talking. Seeing her talk to him, they seem so close...

More… More than me?

Yeah, definitely closer than me.

"Mon. Is he okay? Why are you so quiet?" Mr. Kirk asks me cautiously. He looks at me in the rearview mirror. I'm a little taken aback and smile at him.

"No. I'm fine. I'm just sitting back and enjoying your conversation. You two get along great."

"What a beautiful speech." She said as he placed her hand on top of her head. Khun Sam moves his hand away from her again. "Why? I'm showing you all my love, but you keep pushing my hand away."

"Do not touch me." Khun Sam looks at me briefly and says, "Mon is here, don't do this in front of the others."


I am stunned and look out the window in silence... That's right... I am the other.

"Mon, you should try this. It's delicious, it's the most recommended dish in the restaurant."

The Lord. Kirk will take good care of me while we eat lunch. In my case, I am still disappointed inside, but I try to smile at the stressful situation.


Why am I so weak?

I shake my head to calm down and get caught up in his eyes.

"Are you so quiet today, bunny? What's up?"

"I'm not well." I reply to Khun Sam normally. So I smile at Mr. Church. "Please don't ask me any more questions. I'm happy. Thank you."

"And what's the matter with you, Kirk? He's as friendly with Mon as he ever was, too. There's something about that."

What she said leaves Mr. Kirk surprised. She now laughs to change the subject.

"No. There's nothing there. I just wanted to buy him some good food. That's why I brought you here."

"Why did you ask him out of the blue? You don't normally do that."

She's too smart to accept that answer. I keep calm and enjoy the food. "Mon, is there something you want to tell me?"

"Without anything."

"Why are you avoiding eye contact with me today?"

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"Seriously. It's nothing." I lift my chin and look at her for a few seconds, then look back at my food. "Let's eat. Don't worry about me."

Now we are all calm and focused on our plates. As we enjoy our food, Khun Sam texts me instead of talking in person. She may be afraid that Mr. Kirk finds out that we are intimate.

Boss: Are you okay? It's so quiet.

Doraemon: I'm not fine.

Boss: Are you menstruating?

Doraemon: No, I'm not.

Boss: Is that your only answer?

Doraemon: Si.


He bangs on the table while we eat. This surprises us and everyone else in the restaurant. I look at Khun Sam in surprise. His eyes are wild and he no longer laughs. This is the first time I've seen her express what she really feels.

"Sam, what's your problem?"

Clench your fists and close your eyes.

"I am happy."

"Why are you so angry?"

He hurriedly gets up and leaves the restaurant.

I'll wait in the car.

Now it's just me and Mr. Church. It's so hard to smile and hold back the tears. The Lord. Kirk looks at me quite sympathetically.

"You're surprised, right? Me too." He looks more serious "Or she found out he was cheating on her. Did you tell her?"

"No, I didn't tell him. I didn't say anything."

"Why was she so angry? She was fine while we were in the car.

"I do not know."

"I won't be able to eat anymore."

"Me too."

We'd better go.

The Lord. Kirk asks the waiter for the bill and we go into the office. Khun Sam and I don't exchange a word. We looked at each other and... That was our first argument.

Um... Our relationship has entered the fighting phase.

Of course... the news of our situation that ran in the gossip of the PP, Kate is the first to find out, although I did not tell her anything.

If you didn't hear it from me, you heard it from Khun Sam.

Kate: Mon, what's the deal between you and the PP? She's been avoiding the subject for almost two hours, I can't finish my work.

Tee: After all, she told you what happened, didn't she?

Kate: She told me. She mon did not speak to him.

Jim: Make a storm with a cup of tea. It was just a small thing, not much compared to what he was feeling. They slapped me. Contrast that with that shit... It's not fair.

Tee: But your breasts grew.

Kate: Of course she's going to be a mother. Your nipples are as big as my thumb.

Jim: You cheated on me with my husband? You said the same thing he did...exactly.

Kate: I will always ask. Why did you change your name from Martha to Jim?

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Jim: Because my husband called me "Mom" instead of "Martha" and I didn't like that, I changed my name again.

Kate: Neither Martha nor Jim are good.

Tee: Let's get back to the point.

Tee: There, baby, tell us more.

Doraemon: Nada.

tasting: it can't be. There has to be something. I heard that you and PP had a fight.

Doraemon: It wasn't like that.

Kat: Don't lie. I can't wait too long.

Tee: But you waited two hours for PP to speak.

And everyone waits in silence for my answer. I don't dare say much about it because I think it was stupid. But they're waiting for the answer, so I have to tell them...

Doraemon: She said... that... I am another.

I summarize the story. Then everyone falls silent, as if they were talking to Khun Sam in another group.

And the PP gossip group was silent all day.

Today I didn't tell Khun Sam anything and now she finishes her work early and goes straight home without waiting for me like usual. I am so depressed and upset. Seeing her so listless depresses me even more now that I can't hold back the tears.

Every time I'm on the bus, I try to wipe my tears away with my hands until someone next to me notices and hands me a tissue. When people ask me what's wrong, I give an innocent answer like...

A Korean actor has announced that he is getting married.

No... I'm crying for Khun Sam.

But I'm surprised when I get home. The yellow mustang is in front of my house.

Khun Sams Auto.

I walk into my house and hear someone laughing and talking. When my father and mother see me, they greet me enthusiastically.

"Mon, what took you so long? Khun Sam has been waiting for you for a long time."

"Why you..." and I look at all my archives of photos that I've cut out of magazines. So I run to get it from her.

Very fast. It happened so fast that they could only blink. Now I have found my files. But Khun Sam's thumb is bleeding. We are shocked.

"Mon, what are you doing? Can't you see? Khun Sam's finger is bleeding."

"K... Khun Sam".

"Quick! Grab the first aid kit." My mother said, "Your blood is running."

"I'm doing fine."

"No. Your blood must not be shed."

My mother can't imagine that Khun Sam is an ordinary person like us. But I don't want to break his faith.

I find the first aid kit and give it to my mother. My mother said that Khun Sam walked through the house and went to my room. I'm shocked and embarrassed and run to my room to stop her. But it's too late.

"Why didn't you stop? It bleeds."

"Just a scratch."

"But you shouldn't go into other people's houses like that."

He looks into my eyes in silence.

"That really hurts."

"Sah? It's just a scratch, but it hurts."

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"No…I mean your words. It really hurts."

"What words?"


I didn't mean to be sarcastic so as not to hurt her.

No... It could have been Kate. She must have told him what I said.

Now I understand why they disappeared from the group.

"That's why you didn't talk to me. I didn't mean you were someone else."

"I really think about it a lot. I'm just an intern at his company. If he says I'm just someone else, it's not wrong. Smile. I was so excited that I spent the night with him. I just misunderstood the idea that we're close. I'm not different from the others. That hurts a little."

"To me you are not like the others."

"Then what am I to you? Khun Sam... You never answer me. I've asked you this before and you didn't give me an answer."


“Being sisters is weird. We just met and we are not related by blood. We are not friends… because we have an age difference of 8 years.”

"How much to me?"


"What am I to you, Mon?"

I was not prepared for this question. So I'm stunned and answer clearly, answering back.

"You too can be an 'other'."

"Why do we have to label this? No one is like us."

"Yes, we are strangers."


"Why do we want to label ourselves so much?"

Silence is upon us again and it's strange because we never feel uncomfortable.

"We're going to bandage your finger. I don't even know what we're talking about anymore."


She holds my face with both hands and forces me to look into her eyes.


That???? She wasn't ready for this.

"Whichever is."


"I can be whatever you want."

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