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Rose-Roman lacuna theoryChapter19 – Lorde Kirk e Khun Sam

I'm not such a naive girl to not understand what Nop and Khun Sam's friend asked. But I never thought I'd feel this way about her. That's a lot of sand for my little truck. I didn't deserve this for several reasons. She is also engaged to Mr. Kirk.

So much drama... Do we really have to get married these days?

Thinking about it puts me in a bad mood. That's the truth. A man should stay with a woman. I have to accept this.

But Khun Sam, she is so good that nobody in the world can compare to her. I should be single, at least that's what I want.

Um... That would be nice.

Now he always hangs out with his friends because Jim's wedding is coming up. I heard from Khun Sam that Jim didn't want to get married, she's probably depressed. So they talk to her often to cheer her up. And my boss, she always tells me what she's doing. Where is... and I do that too.

Doraemon: Now Yah pays the bill. I'm with her

Boss: Go home soon. Who comes first?

Doraemon: What is the reward for the winner?

Boss: The winner gets the title "the winner" as... ML Sam, the winner. Something similar.

Doraemon: What about the loser?

Boss: The title will be "the loser", like Miss Kornkamon, the loser.

So creative.

As I focus on my phone call, Yah scares me.

"Mon, please stand still and don't look back."

"What is it?"

"Herr Kirk".

"So? Why... Even though Yah told me not to turn around, curiosity is hard to control. I look back to see Mr. Kirk hugging a little lady. Now I know why Yah didn't want me to look back." it's her? The woman with Mr. Kirk.

"Of course I don't. I'm not feeling well right now. I shouldn't have seen something like this... It's so hard to keep a secret. We have to hurry and get out of here. If he sees us, it won't do any good." We will be marked”.


“As we discovered his secret, he will force us to resign. I've seen this before in soap operas. I'm too old to look for a new job. We will.

Yah pushes me aside, now I'm down for someone and I don't know why.

I... I can't ignore this.

"Yes, you can continue."

"Why? ... Hey, what are you going to do?"

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I turn and walk over to Mr. Kirk. Yah has already left because she doesn't want to be a part of this situation and be forced to step down. Mr. Kirk is happy with the lady beside him, they are busy talking about the latest version of a cell phone.

"Hello, Mr. Kirk."

That is all.


The sweet vibrations disappear as if blown by the wind and dried by sunlight. He hurries to say, still with his hand on her waist. What a surprise for him.

"Mr. Kirk, nice to see you. Don't want to be in the way, just thought I'd say hello."

Although I have a lot to say, I say nothing. None of my business. Whatever she did, it's between him and Khun Sam, but I'm very close to her and I found out by accident.

After all, I'm sitting on Mr. Kirk now, and that little woman has magically disappeared. I feel a lot of pressure around me and I'm starting to regret not listening to Yah.

Khun Sam keeps texting me asking where I am and what I'm doing. I should be in Khun Sam's room watching Korean drama with her, but I seem to have no choice since I'm in her car in my own house.

Doraemon: I'm sorry I can't be with you today.

Doraemon: My mother is not well.

Boss: What does she have?

Doraemon: I'm not sure, but I'll let you know when I find out.

I feel guilty for lying to him, but if I tell him the truth, I'll have to explain my real motive.

"Mr. Kirk, don't you want to talk to me?

"You still haven't told Sam, have you?"


"I screwed up. It was my fault."

I have a lot of fun when the owner of the company I work for begs me like a child. Why are you telling me this? You should tell Khun Sam, this is something.

“Mr. Kirk, you don't have to beg me like that." I smile shyly at him.

"I want you to feel sorry for me."


"I know you're not a spy, but it's better that no one knows."

"I won't tell anyone, but you really screwed up." I don't know where I got the courage to say that. "Mr. Kirk, you are dating Khun Sam. You shouldn't do this."

"I felt alone."


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"He's usually not interested in things. But lately he hasn't had time for me. It's like he has…someone else."

I freeze as if the words "someone else" are me.

"Don't take it seriously. Khun Sam...he's hard to catch."

“But now someone has managed to get to her. I am really sorry."

"You worry too much, sir." I respond immediately. "Khun Sam is a difficult person, but other than your friends, you were the only one who reached out."



The handsome man looks at me in surprise.

"Do you know his gang?"

"Uh...ah." I look around, trying to find an answer to how I met your friends. "I'm telling the truth. I've known Khun Sam for a long time."


"I've known her since fourth grade..."

And I tell her a long fake story about how I met her and her friends around the same time. He looks at me in surprise and continues talking.

"Really? You've known her for a long time. This is a surprise to me."

"Yes. So I know your gang too."

What a liar...

why did i lie There's nothing wrong with getting to know your friends. Today I lied twice in less than 10 minutes and lied to two people about their issues.


"I've known Khun Sam since I was little, kids. Our families are close. It may sound presumptuous to you, but I fell in love with her at first sight."

Now it's his turn to tell his own story. I look at him with envy. This man has been with Khun Sam since childhood, when his legs were short, his hands small and his voice so sweet that not even his friends in the PP gossip group could hear it.

"Sam was a lovely, tough, sweet girl. I was lucky that our families were close. She didn't have many friends, so I was lucky to be her friend."

"Were they forced to get engaged, like in the dramas?"

“Of course not, this is the real world. It's not like the Jutatape series." Oh, Mr. Kirk knows this drama. Do you like actress Mew Nittha? "But we got engaged because I rushed."

"Hmm?" I had that "hmmm" stuck in my throat for so long that when I heard the "I ran" it felt like I had raped him. Mr. Kirk looks at me like he can read my mind. He rushes to explain.

“I asked her to go out with me and I told her that if she didn't have anyone we'd get married, otherwise her grandmother would look for someone else... And you know what? She said yes... It's a deal. Being with me is better than being with anyone else."

"I understood."

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I'm a little upset after hearing that. Mr. Kirk smiles, but it's a sad smile.

"Sierra? I can't imagine what Sam would do if she found out I was seeing another girl. What would she show on that cold face?"

"What do you think?"

“I mean…will she be jealous of me? ...I would really like to know..."


“But let's not pay to see, I don't want to risk it. You already promised me you wouldn't tell anyone.

Time flies fast. Now I'm in front of my house and I see your car drive away.

You really don't want to tell anyone?

I decided not to tell... because I had promised, Mr. Kirk thanked me and treated me very well. He later sent me a Facebook friend request with a very different name than Khun Sam.

"Ronaldo, um the legal way."

And the owners of this company?

"I have to hide. If your co-workers find out it's me, they'll feel uncomfortable. Also, I want to be your friend on Facebook so I know what people are saying about me... Oh! I almost I forgot, no This is not strange. Take a normal attitude".

Those were the reasons he gave me. Honestly, I feel weird and uncomfortable. My parents seem to be looking at my profile and I can't post what I want.

He liked all my Facebook posts. Everything he posted, even posts that spoke well or badly about him, he liked everything. Of course... I don't just find it weird.

"Who is Ronaldo?"

Finally Khun Sam asks me after seeing that Mr. Kirk likes everything I post and doesn't know it... Ronaldo is his fiance.

Should I tell him or not?… But how to explain why we became Facebook friends? If I said why, I'd have to explain it from the start and I'd end up breaking the promise. And the secret that he had betrayed her would be revealed.


No, no, no... I won't tell him.

"A friend on Facebook."

"He's always commenting on her posts."

"Just comment."

"But it's all the time, are you close to him?"

"You're always commenting on my posts too."

"Because we are intimate".



She looks at me for a few seconds and gently touches my forehead.

"Give me the change." She raises an eyebrow. "I think... Ronaldo, nice guy, comments too much on his posts, I have to give him a reason to stop."

"Khun Sam, these are just comments."

Khun Sam is so fearless that I feel insecure. Finally, in the middle of the night, a war breaks out on social media. Khun Sam reacts to Mr. Kirk as if he were about to start a fight.

I'm your boss: stay away when you're not around.

I look at her, Khun Sam is now giggling in her bed like a kid who just stole her older sister's cell phone to post her number on an adult website.

We don't expect much... Mr. Kirk responds vehemently.

Ronaldo, good boy: None of your business.

Khun Sam is silent for a second. Now I have a feeling that the situation is going to get worse because I see Khun Sam looking at his phone and typing like crazy.

I'm your boss: your parents didn't give you an education?

Ronaldo, good boy: And yours? Saying something without knowing... What was that? Curious!

"Who is he?" She bites her lip as she looks at me. "Do I know you?"

"Khun Sam".

"Who is he?!"

"Um...a Facebook friend. That's right."

"Stop being friends with him now, how did you meet a bastard? I've never seen such a rude person in my entire life. So wild! No one has ever called me 'curious'.

But what do your friends call you, PP? … Clear. I'm just thinking out loud. I'm not saying that.


"When he finds out who he is, I'll teach him a lesson."

Sometimes I feel guilty teaching him how to use Facebook. I didn't think that I could be angry with an unknown person.

This is the first time I see Khun Sam so angry... What should I do? How do I know if he is her fiancé?


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