Gap: pink theory – CHAPTER 01: BOSS ML (2023)

Once in eternity... (ein Lied)

I almost sang this song out loud when I arrived at the office of a well-known digital company and the cold air was blowing. As the content production team guides me around the office, my eyes and ears are not on the presentation, but on the boss's office, my idol's office.

"What is your name?"

"And me?

"You did not listen to me?"

My mentor, his name is 'Yah'. She looks at me, but she sees that my attention is still on the boss's office. He seems to understand that I might ask about the frosted-glass room with the dim lighting.

"Did you freeze when you looked into this room?...You're just an intern. I don't think it's necessary to contact Chief ML."

To use:

ML = Mohm Luang: The last title of the Thai royal family or the son of a king's great-grandson.

"ML boss?"

"Yes, we call her Boss ML, did you know? Is she really famous?"

I nod and smile. Of course… he also knew Boss ML. She is the reason why I have to do my best to work here.

Nobody knows how hard I tried to be like her.

"If I pass the training program, can I meet her?"

"Fine. Mon is your name, right?" Yah smiles at me revealing his crinkly eyes making it clear he is older than me "Of course if you pass the program you will find her but will you meet her? I don't know why an intern would have a reason to communicate with Our boss.

"Sem chance?"

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I'm disappointed. How can I find her when she's the boss here? My duty is to follow the team. Maybe I still have a chance.

"In no way."

I change the smile Yah looks at me and smiles gently.

"When you smile, you light up the room. Unlike ML, who never smiled, has he ever been happy in his life?

"Khun* Sam... Ah... Boss ML" I'm trying to call her like the others to fit in here. "I saw her smile in a magazine."

Note: "Khun" is a formal pronoun used before the given name.

"Only if the situation forces her to. She's usually never in the mood to cheer us up. She's best in her room."

Why did she feel that Yah didn't like her? For me, my heroine is so alive. He knows? I followed her closely over the years. There's nothing about her that I don't know.

I even know that she just got back from a Japanese restaurant... I follow her on Instagram.

"You said I might have a chance… when?"

“Tonight, Mr. Kirk, the owner of the company, is having a party to celebrate the company's achievement. Unfortunately it's not the annual trip to Hokkaido."

She said it like she was dreaming of a fairy tale. Looking at the current economy, I felt empathy for the entrepreneur. One party is enough for me.

As I'm walking past the boss room, the door suddenly opens on someone I've been waiting for. My heart beats faster. Now I look down shyly, as if I'm afraid he'll recognize me. It's a secret love. The scent of Chanel No. 5 fills the room. The little woman walked past everyone. I can feel everyone's chill here. Tension is in the air.

"Ugh...she's gone."

"Why are you so tense? Like a rock."

"Don't you? You put your head down too, didn't you?"

(Video) MON WANTS TO QUIT - GAP The Series Episode 9 Eng Sub - Spoiler ทฤษฎีสีชมพู GAP Yuri / Pink Theory

"I... I'm just shy, I'm not afraid, but the others..."

"It's best to avoid eye contact with her. If you don't want to be called names."

"Speaks seriously?"

"Yes definitely."

Although I'm much more confident in her, I'm looking forward to meeting Boss ML, whom I've loved for a long time. I don't think anyone in this office knows ML Samanun as well as I do. You could say I'm a real fan of his.

I've waited over ten years to find this woman.

Although I remember her cute face, she probably doesn't know who I am. ACCORDINGLY. I'm here with no expectations. I just adore and follow this beautiful and intelligent woman.

Now I've become an intern and the older ones keep talking and visiting me because I'm new here. As if a student left in the middle of class and everyone was attentive. I've been trying really hard not to draw women's attention because women are full of envy and I don't want to get in trouble.
The company operates media production, advertising and print media services. They survived until now because they entered the digital world with social media strategies and the vision of Khun Sam, who here is called the head of ML... One day I will be like them.

My tasks are the management of documents and appointments for this department...

But I'm so happy. My happiness does not depend only on work, but on seeing them behind frosted glass. Sometimes he goes to the bathroom and then goes back to work in his office. What a hardworking woman.

I envy and at the same time understand her boyfriend. Such an intelligent woman will certainly not please a man.

"Hello everyone. Are you ready?"

As the clock struck six o'clock, a handsome young man dressed in casual clothes walked towards us, smiling happily. Everyone lowered their poles and smiled.


They made happy noises. It could be because they've finished work and are on their way to the party. Even I made noise.

Ah... my heart is beating so fast. I'll see his face up close.
"Okay, see you at Café Na-Mo. Let's enjoy it!"

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"Let's go!!!"

They clap their hands like savages in search of a victim. Suddenly, everyone falls silent as the frosted glass door that everyone calls the "freezer room" opens and the small body of Khun Sam that everyone fears emerges.

The diminutive figure wears a casual black top that looks luxurious when it's on her body. Flawless makeup. Her face is so cute and charming looking at everyone with her brown eyes.

"What a mess, huh? Haven't you ever been to dinner?" he said in his nasal voice after shoving his hands in his pockets. "Do you also think you're a leader of the rioters? Loud."

"Highly tense."

The excited boy's hand lands on his shoulder. I'm surprised by the height difference, she's so cute.

Everyone here respects her so much, and that seems strange to me... Maybe I'm the only one who finds her so... adorable.

What I love is everything she does.

Café Na-Mo is reserved for our party. The owner is a friend of Mr. Kirk, so it was easy for us to close. It turned out that today's smiling boy is the owner of our company and is Khun Sam's "fiancé".
A perfect couple.

For our comfort, Khun Sam and Mr. Kirk are in a private area. It annoys me. I thought I would see Khun Sam's face up close.

"What's wrong with you? He seems grumpy."

I stand in front of the bathroom mirror. My colleagues talk to me while I touch up my makeup.

"Nothing, I'm just bored. I thought I'd see Khun Sam up close today."

"Wow! It's better this way. If you see them, you won't enjoy dinner."


"A lifeless woman like her will fill you up."

(Video) SAM TREATS MON BADLY | ทฤษฎีสีชมพู GAP THE SERIES EP. 7 [3/4] ENG SUB #gl #gapyuri #beckyfreen

"Exactly." Said another support colleague and whispered. "Her face is so serious... it must be botox, she never smiles and never expresses anything. Even when she's angry."

"But everyone is afraid of them." I said, not thinking of being new here. They agreed and explained.

"We're afraid of him because we don't know what he's thinking. It's hard to predict. Was he ever happy? We don't know. Even when he found out that someone in the accounting department was dating someone on the purchasing team, he didn't give a shit." damn it."
"Is it because of her break? I think it's because she's stubborn."

"It would be better if she was bossy, we could deal with her. But we don't know how to deal with that."

"No, I just know she's not like that."

"Do you know her well?"

“I don't know her…well. But she's the kind of woman who lights up the world with her smile and she likes dogs."

"Does she like dogs? I always thought she liked cats." After my colleague puts on her lipstick, she walks away. "Hurry up, otherwise there's nothing left for you."


After everyone left. I'm still bored in the bathroom. It's like my expectations have gone down the drain. It would be nice to see her for a minute. Just a minute, but I don't stand a chance.

So what am I doing here?

I look down at my feet thoughtfully for a moment, then I hear someone flushing the toilet. There's someone else here.


The door is opened by a woman the same height and smell of Chanel No. 5 who answers me. My heart skips a beat and I see brown eyes looking back at me in the mirror.
"How do you know I like dogs?"



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