Comparison Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 Kick Scooter - Little Discoverer (2023)

Scooters are fun toys that keep kids active and help them blow off steam. If you are a fan of Razor scooters then these are the best optionsNavaja A5 Lux vSar A5againstA6.

Many parents ask: What are the main differences between the Razor A5 Lux, A5 Air and A6 and which one should you buy? Well, this comparison guide gives you onedetailed explanation. so will weAnalyseevery scooter and guides you to choose the best one.

Without further ado, let's get started!

our final verdict

Comparison Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 Kick Scooter - Little Discoverer (1)

Winner:Razor Scooter A5 LUX

It's lightweight, height-adjustable, and inexpensive.

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Comparison Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 Kick Scooter - Little Discoverer (2)

Best for Urban Kids:Razor A5 air scooter

It has pneumatic tires, has a long deck and rides smoothly on urban terrain.

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What is a skateboard?

A scooter is a means of transportation consisting of handlebars, two wheels and a foot platform. It is mainly human powered. You can also see some electric scooters with built-in motors.

Scooters are mainly used for short trips and leisure purposes. Some children's scooters may have three or four wheels to help children regain their balance.

Comparison Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 Kick Scooter - Little Discoverer (4)

Who are scooters for?

Scooters are for children and adults alike. Although the children's version may have additional wheels to allow children to easily control the balance.

Scooters are most popular in metropolitan areas where traffic congestion is a constant problem. Many adults use scooters for short trips every day.

Children mostly use scooters for fun or exercise. Here you will find complete scooters for children8 yearsor more.

Why should I buy a Razor Big Wheel Scooter for my child?

Using a scooter can motivate your child to spend more time outdoors. In addition to exercise in the fresh air, using a scooter can improve your child's overall balance, increase physical mobility and improve hand-eye coordination.

Razor is a global brand known for making innovative, high quality scooters.Razor was founded in 2000. In addition to scooters, they also offer a wide range of outdoor toys and gear such as hoverboards, strollers and tricycles.

This is why you want to get your kid a big wheel Razor scooter because they have more options and you can count on their expertise.

Comparison Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 Kick Scooter - Little Discoverer (5)

How to compare Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6?

Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 are among the best options when it comes to kids scooters. So what specs should you consider when evaluating? Below are some factors to consider.

  • Fold.If space is tight or your child has to transport the scooter on the bus or train, it is important to check whether the scooter can be folded and whether it folds and unfolds easily.
  • Age and weight limit.Most scooters are designed for children over 8 and adults. If your child is under the age of 8, you may need to find a more kid-friendly version of the scooter.
  • Height. Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 are all height adjustable scooters, the question is what is the minimum and maximum height. This is especially important if your child is very large.
  • platform length.Just like the height, the length of the platform is also important as it will determine how much legroom your child will have. If your child wears oversized shoes, be sure to purchase a scooter with plenty of deck space.
  • Weight.Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 are made with aluminum frames but their weight may be slightly different. You might want to buy a lighter scooter if your child doesn't like carrying heavy stuff.
  • wheels, tires and brakes.For wheels, check the material of the rims, the size of the wheels, whether the wheels are interchangeable and how the braking system works.
  • Preis.Finally, you want to check the price of your favorite model. Note that some popular colors may require an extra charge from the manufacturer.

Comparison Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6

In this section we will see the main differences and similarities between Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6.

1. Folding mechanism

Similarities:Like most other classic Razor scooters,Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 folds nicely so you can take it with you.When folded, the scooters are about 3 feet long.

The only disappointment is that none of these three scooters come with a leash. Therefore, you can only hold Scooter in your arms instead of carrying it on your shoulder.

Comparison Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 Kick Scooter - Little Discoverer (6)

2. Age and Weight Limit

Similarities:All three Razor models, A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6, are designed for ages 8+.Maximum rider weight is 220 pounds (or 100 kg) for all models.

Whether you are buying a scooter for your child, for yourself or for the whole family, you can choose between these three models.

3. Height

Similarities:All three scooters have height-adjustable handlebars.

Differences:The maximum height for each scooter is slightly different.

The maximum height for A5 Lux is 38.6 inches, for A5 Air 38.58 inches and for A6 42.1 inches. Seemingly,Razor A6 is the best option for big kids.

4. Platform Length

Differences:Of the three scooters, the A5 Lux has the shortest deckA6 has the longest deck. If your child is tall or has big feet, the Razor A6 will be more comfortable and natural to ride.

Comparison Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 Kick Scooter - Little Discoverer (7)

5. Weight

Differences:Among the three scooters,A5 Lux is the lightest weighing only 8.38 poundswhile the A5 Air is the heaviest at 11.15 pounds. Although the Razor A6 is designed for big kids, it weighs about the same as the A5 Air. A6 weighs 10.93 pounds.

6. Wheels and Tires

Similarities:Both the Razor A5 Lux and A6 come with urethane tires. Also, Razor A5 Lux and A5 Air have the same wheel size.

Differences:The biggest difference between the A5 Air and the other two models is the tire material. Razor Air uses pneumatic rubber to do thisA5 Lux and A6 feature urethane-filled tires.

So what is thisto benefitof urethane tires? Urethane tires use urethane to fill the space between rubber and plastic. This type of tire is more durable, carries more load, but is softer and more malleable.

This means urethane-filled tires can carry more weight, respond better to rough roads, and last longer.

Also, compared to the A5 Air and Lux, the wheels on the Razor A6 are 254mm instead of 200mm.

7. Preis

Differences:The Razor A5 Lux is around $90, the A5 Air ranges from $100 to $130 depending on the color you choose, and the A6 is the most expensive at $150.

Which is better: Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6?

In the above comparison, you can see that the difference between Razor A5 Lux, A5 Air and A6 is smaller. Our suggestion is that if your child is within the normal range for weight and height thenNavaja A5 Luxit's a better optionWasRazor A5air. It has better tires, is lighter and cheaper.

However, if you are planning to share the scooter with your child, or if your child is very tall, thenYou have to take into accountRazor A6Because it's bigger, it has bigger wheels and a bigger platform to stand on.

product rating

1.Razor Scooter A5 LUX

Comparison Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 Kick Scooter - Little Discoverer (8)

Main advantages:

  • It is very light and easy to carry.
  • It has air-filled tires that absorb shock and are more responsive on bumpy roads.
  • it is the least expensive

The Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter is a great value kids scooter that has it all.

Besides being foldable and easy to carry,The Razor A5 also has oversized air-filled tiressmoother, more comfortable rides over rough terrain.

The Razor A5 Lux grip has soft foam grips that are easy on children's hands and can prevent slipping.

Many parents also ask if they can use the Razor A5 Lux themselves. Well, the weight limit for this scooter is 220 pounds.The only consideration is that the foot platform is a bit short.compared to the other two scooters. So you should think about itRazor A6if you want to share the scooter with your child.

The Razor A5 Lux is also the lightest and most economical scooteramong the three models we reviewed today. Therefore it is ideal for smaller children as it does not put too much weight on the arms.

For whom?

Razor Scooter A5 LUXIt's the best all-round scooter for most kids, whether they're new to scootering or a seasoned pro rider.

2.Razor A5 air scooter

Comparison Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 Kick Scooter - Little Discoverer (9)

Main advantages:

  • It has a longer platform than the A5 Lux
  • It has tires more suited to urban terrain.

Main Cons:

  • It is the heaviest of the three models.

The Razor A5 Air is aimed at city commuters as the tires are more stable on smooth, paved surfaces.

Like most other Razor scooters, the A5 Air features a lightweight, durable and scratch-resistant aluminum frame.

Compared to the Razor A5 Lux, the Razor A5 Air's foot platform is longer, providing more room for your child's feet.

The Razor A5 Air is also foldable, making it easy to assemble, fold and unfold.

For whom?

Razor A5 air scooterIt is ideal for children who mainly use the scooter on smooth and level terrain.

3.Razor Scooter A6

Main advantages:

  • It is the tallest scooter of the three models.
  • It has an extra long foot platform.
  • Features urethane-filled tires that roll smoothly on rough roads

Main Cons:

  • It's 50% more expensive than the Razor A5 Lux

For anyone looking for a bigger child, a heavier child or a child with bigger feet, we recommend the Razor A6 Scooter. We also recommend this model if you occasionally want to share the scooter with your child.

The Razor A6 Scooter features an adjustable strap that can be extended up to 42 inches.what's moreIt features an extra long platform that measures 13.4 inches.That's why the Razor A6 is the best choice for bigger kids.

Although the Razor A6 has a larger capacity, its weight is lighter than the Razor A5 Air, making it so easy to hold and carry.

The main consideration, however, is thatRazor A6 is 50% more expensive than Razor A5 Air. It costs about $150. But on the downside, that extra $50 could get you a few more years of fun.

For whom?

Razor Scooter A6It's for big kids, bigger kids and parents who want to share the scooter with their kids.

Frequently asked questions about Razor scooters

Can adults ride a Razor Scooter?

Razor Scooters are designed for adults and children over 8 years old.

However, most Razor scooters have a weight limit. You can ride Razor scooters as long as you are over the recommended age, under the weight limit and able to stand comfortably on deck.

Is there a weight limit for scooters?

Yes, most scooters have a weight limit. For example, Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 has a weight limit of 220 pounds. Don't forget that this includes your own weight and any bags or items you are carrying.

In addition to the weight limit, you also need to consider your handlebar height and deck length. This determines how comfortable you will be driving the scooter.

What is the main difference between the Razor A5 Lux and the Air?

The main difference between the Razor A5 Lux and the Air is the tire material.

The Razor A5 Lux features urethane-filled tires that are more shock-absorbing, while the Razor A5 Air features regular rubber pneumatic tires.

There are a few other small differences between the Razor A5 Lux and the Air. For example, the Razor A5 Lux is about 3 pounds lighter than the Razor A5 Air and the platform is an inch shorter. The Razor A5 Lux is also around $20 cheaper than the A5 Air.

last words

After this full review of the pros and cons of the Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6, our final recommendation is theAverage height children should go alongNavaja A5 Lux because it is cheaper, lighter and has better tires. Bigger kids should get the Razor A6 as it has higher handlebars and a much longer foot platform.

Comparison Razor A5 Lux vs A5 Air vs A6 Kick Scooter - Little Discoverer (11)

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