Chronicle of Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship: From the first kiss to the infamous Grammy heist (2023)

RihannamiChris Brownthey were one of the most notorious couples of the late 2000s. The hit duo, who burst onto the scene in the 2000s with hits like "Pon de Replay" and "Run It," were still in their teens when they hit it big. . The duo had their ups and downs during their turbulent relationship, but the 2009 incident in which Chris physically assaulted Rihanna shaped not only their relationship, but Chris's career as well.

The once-up-and-coming R&B star turned pop culture villain kept making bad decisions even after splitting with Rihanna. In oneInterview resurfaced 2012comOprah Winfrey, which was released on September 2, Rihanna called Chris her "true love". A lot has changed for the two stars, who have taken very different paths. Since the ex-couple's final split in 2013, Rihanna has entered the world of fashion and beauty, using her platform to influence incredible changes in the realm of philanthropy. Chris continued to work on her music and became the father of a daughter.reyesand sonStudy. But let's go back to the beginning. Take a look at your relationship timeline.

When did Chris Brown and Rihanna meet?

Chronicle of Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship: From the first kiss to the infamous Grammy heist (1)

Long before they were romantically linked, the two met as teenagers around 2005, when they started in the music industry. The couple was photographed at an event in 2005 looking bright-eyed and ready to embrace their newfound fame. RiRi and Babyfaced Breezy were photographed backstage at the Z-100 Jingle Ball held at Madison Square Garden in December 2005. From there, their paths continued to cross.

Shortly after the success of Rihanna's song "Umbrella", which was the lead single from her albumThe good girl gone badand brought her a Grammy Award, Chris worked with her on a remix. She recorded an "answer song" titled "Cinderella" in which she replaced some of the lyrics that had the same beat. This was the duo's first musical collaboration, and he even joined her on stage during her Asian tour to perform the remixed version live. The chemistry between the two was undeniable.

Chris and RiRi had great chemistry together on stage and in 2008 it was revealed that they were actually dating. They attended the 2008 Grammys separately, but were apparently huddled together when they entered the event. Just two days later, Chris sang it to Rihanna on her 21st birthday, and she reportedly ended the song with a kiss. It wasn't long before the paparazzi spotted the couple flying to Rihanna's Barbados home looking over it all. All in all, this seemed to be one of the happiest moments of her young life, but circumstances would take a terrible turn in 2009.

Chris Brown was arrested for physically assaulting Rihanna

Chronicle of Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship: From the first kiss to the infamous Grammy heist (2)

In the day ofGrammy 2009it was announced that the duo, who were supposed to perform together, would not take the stage. As rumors surfaced as to why her number had been removed, it was revealed that Chris had brutally beaten Rihanna the night before. Chris broke his fractured lip, leaving Rihanna with black eyes and multiple bruises. The disturbing photos showed the singer in a hospital with a bruised and bloody face after the ensuing verbal and physical altercation, and Chris Brown was arrested and eventually charged with criminal assault. When the couple went to court in mid-2009, Chris pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to five years probation plus community service and domestic violence counseling. Rihanna also filed a restraining order and Chris was not allowed to come within 50 meters of her. The story completely shook the world of pop culture. But there were more chapters in the story of Chris and Rihanna together.

Rekindle your romance and final break up

Chronicle of Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship: From the first kiss to the infamous Grammy heist (3)

To the shock of fans, RiRi forgave Chris a few years after the events of the abusive relationship. The couple rekindled their romance in 2012, and she opened up about her relationship with Oprah Winfrey during an episode ofOprah's SuperSoul Conversations.During the conversation, Rihanna admitted that Chris is her "true love" and that she considers him the "love of her life". She added: "We rebuilt trust and that was it. We love each other and probably always have. We won't try to change this. That's allIt's not something you can turn offIf you've ever been in love."

She also revealed that she withdrew the restraining order in 2011 and forgave him. "It took me a long time. I was angry for a long time. I got mad, I held a grudge. It was dark. I was crazy. It showed in my music, my clothes and my attitude. I didn't like that feeling. It was hard," he added. During the brief time they got back together, the pair were seen courtside at basketball games and snuggling together on vacation, but they eventually broke up in 2013, with Chris confirming the news in May of that year.

Where are you two today?

Chronicle of Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship: From the first kiss to the infamous Grammy heist (4)

Chris and Rihanna have moved onanother partner. RiRi dated the singerErpelmany years while Chris had two sons with girlfriendsnia guzmanmifriendly harris. Despite being estranged for years, Chris continued to make flirty comments about his ex's Instagram photos. She didn't hold back in 2019 when Rihanna posted a photo in white lingerie as part of her Savage x Fenty line. “I BOUGHT IT TO BREAK THE INTERNET. KEEP UP QUEEN,” she commented, adding. "MUSIC COMING SOON PLEASE" Despite her attempts to get back into her good books, it seems these two have parted ways forever.

As for Rihanna's love life, the singer and fashion mogul has apparently started a new romance with one of her old friends. Rihanna was seen with the rappera$ap rockyin the weeks leading up to the 2020 holidays. Although the two kept a low profile, Rocky spent the holidays with Rihanna in Barbados. It's a great sign of how happy she is with him," said one.Shared Source ONLYcomhollywoodvidain December 2020. "Rihanna is all about family, so the fact that she invited him is very significant."

Do Chris Brown and Rihanna have a good relationship?

Chronicle of Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship: From the first kiss to the infamous Grammy heist (5)

In Rihanna's resurfaced 2012 interview with Oprah, the singer alluded to a possible friendship between the two. "We've worked on our friendship again and are now very, very good friends," she explained. "I'm single," Rihanna clarified, putting an end to all speculation that the two could have a romantic future. “But we have maintained a very close friendship since the restraining order was lifted. We just work on it little by little. It was not easy".

As for Chris, it's not entirely clear if the R&B artist has spoken out in the same way about his former partner. It's been years since Rihanna's interview with Oprah in 2012, and both Chris and Rihanna are focused on their own work. Chris seems to be recording more music while Rihanna takes overworld of fashion and beauty, as fans await her next studio album. Fans will have to wait and see if Rihanna and Chris Brown cross paths again.

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