Best Spiral Staircase for 2023 - Tool Material (2023)

Adding a spiral staircase to your home can really transform the place, the best spiral staircases give your room a sleek modern look and can certainly add the wow factor.

Spiral staircases are chosen to save space or sometimes simply to enhance a space where you need to move from one floor to another. Spiral staircases provide a simple solution for areas where space is limited and a traditional staircase just won't fit.

We have analyzed and reviewed the best and most elegant spiral staircases available so that you can choose for yourself which one best suits your needs.

The best spiral staircases in the test.

Award to the Editorbrand
First optionPhoenix Vital Life Arke Spiral Stair Kit, Black, 55" Diameter
best alternative optionPhoenix Vital Life Arke Gray 47" Diameter Spiral Stair Kit
best budget optionNice1 Arke 63 Inch Diameter Black Enamel Spiral Staircase Kit
The best outdoor spiral staircaseArke Enduro Spiral Ladder Kit Galvanized Steel 55" Diameter
worth mentioningCode Compliant 60″ Diameter Spiral Staircase Kit - Primed Steel

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Our best option:Phoenix Vital Life Arke Spiral Stair Kit, Black, 55" Diameter

our best option

Best Spiral Staircase for 2023 - Tool Material (1)

Phoenix Vital Life Arke Spiral Stair Kit, Black, 55" Diameter

This magnificent spiral staircase is supplied as a complete unit, there are many size options to suit your needs if that particular size doesn't suit you.

This super stylish and elegant spiral staircase is sure to be a truly impressive feature and will add the wow factor to any home.

No welding, painting, staining or caulking is required when it arrives ready to install. Supplied with all steps, platforms, handrails, balustrades, hardware and accessories needed to begin installation. Written instructions and a helpful demo video are included to ensure you can build with ease.

Best Spiral Staircase for 2023 - Tool Material (2)

The steps are 24-1/2″ long and made of solid, light beech wood, 1 5/8″ thick for a really solid footing.

Strong 12-gauge steel ensures a 700-lb. weight capacity, and the handsome handrails have a flexible PVC-covered core with simulated wood grain and color-matched steps.

Speaking of flexibility, the overall height of the Phoenix Vital Life Arke Spiral Staircase Kit is adjustable from 8' 3″ to 10'.

If you need more height adjustment options, additional accessories can be purchased separately to accommodate height adjustments from 6'10" to 12'4", making this spiral staircase kit highly versatile.

(Video) Spiral Staircase - How We Framed It

What we like:

  • all in one box- Everything you need to install this beautiful modern staircase.
  • solid beech steps- Comes with a generous 24-1/2-inch profile length.
  • flexible handrails– The handrail contains a flexible core covered with an imitation wood PVC that perfectly matches and complements the color of the floor.

Mark alast pricein the Amazon.

The best alternative options:Phoenix Vital Life Arke Gray 47" Diameter Spiral Stair Kit

best alternative option

Best Spiral Staircase for 2023 - Tool Material (3)

Phoenix Vital Life Arke Gray 47" Diameter Spiral Stair Kit

This alternative selection only offers minor differences from our main selection. Presented in a stunning powder gray finish with solid beech wood treads, it would give a truly stunning and modern look to your home.

Available in many different sizes to suit your specific needs, this Arke Phoenix Wood Profile Spiral Staircase Set comes in a single box.

The good thing is, like our best option, there's no painting required and no wood stain or sealer to apply. It feels good right out of the box.

All hardware and accessories are included along with the steps, handrails, balustrades and seating area.

Best Spiral Staircase for 2023 - Tool Material (4)

The solid, clear beech treads are slightly shorter than the top selection at 20-1/4″, but equal the 1 5/8″ thickness of the tread.

The metalwork is 12 gauge and is rated for a 700 pound weight capacity.

The color-matched floor handrails have a flexible inner core, and again, you get some decent height adjustment options from 8' 3' to 10' on this model.

An additional accessory kit is available to provide even greater height adjustment from 6'10" to 12'4" if required.

And when it comes to assembling the kit, you can refer to the written instructions or the included video if you need help.

What we like:

  • impressive spiral staircase- This staircase looks absolutely stunning in dusty grey.
  • solid wood steps– Beautiful sealed and transparent solid beech treads.
  • Many height adjustments available- Lots of height options so you can find the perfect fit.

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The best budget option:Nice1 Arke 63 Inch Diameter Black Enamel Spiral Staircase Kit

best budget option

Best Spiral Staircase for 2023 - Tool Material (5)

Nice1 Arke 63 Inch Diameter Black Enamel Spiral Staircase Kit

This is our great value spiral staircase kit, it is a perfect solution for anyone who is on a budget but still wants a stunning spiral staircase.

(Video) MS Steel Staircase Design and Price 2022 | Iron Stair Cost Calculation | घर के लिए लोहे की सीढी |

This spiral staircase, also available in a 51" diameter version, looks stunning, standard kit includes 12 multiplied birch plywood stair treads, matching landing, 2" diameter handrail and all hardware and bras.

The powder coated high gloss finish adds a nice contrast to the layered birch stair treads. and a great installation option here is that it can be installed clockwise or counterclockwise.

Best Spiral Staircase for 2023 - Tool Material (6)

The height of this kit can be adjusted from 107-½" to 119-5/16", the slope between the steps can be adjusted from 8-7/32" to 9-3/16", giving you plenty of space To maneuver fit make sure you position it exactly where you want it.

The manufacturer says that the complete installation of the spiral staircase should only take one day using common household tools, full and detailed instructions are included in the kit.

What we like:

  • Good quality– It may be the budget option, but it is still high quality.
  • awesome design- It looks amazing and will add a touch of class to your home.
  • Good price- For what you get here and how good it looks, it's worth serious consideration.

Mark alast pricein the Amazon.

Best Outdoor Spiral Staircase:Arke Enduro Spiral Ladder Kit Galvanized Steel 55" Diameter

The best outdoor spiral staircase

Best Spiral Staircase for 2023 - Tool Material (7)

Arke Enduro Spiral Ladder Kit Galvanized Steel 55" Diameter

This outdoor spiral staircase has been hot dipped to ensure protection against rust and weather.

see the price

(Video) How to build a spiral stair case

This complete unit comes with steps, landings, handrails, balustrades, and all hardware and accessories.

The best thing about this outdoor spiral staircase kit is that there are no parts that need to be painted, welded, or treated with preservatives.

The 2" diameter black PVC handrail looks great and provides a nice contrast to the galvanized finish of the stair.

The weight capacity of this outdoor spiral staircase is 700 pounds and with many size options to choose from, there is sure to be one that is perfect for your needs.

What we like:

  • complete system- Everything you need in one kit.
  • weatherproof– Hot soak to protect it from all weather elements.
  • many size options- This kit is available in several size options to ensure you get the right kit for your needs.

Mark alast pricein the Amazon.

frequent questions

Do spiral staircases save space?

One of the main reasons why people choose a spiral staircase is that they have limited space to install a staircase. Of course, spiral staircases can also be used in areas where space is at a premium, adding a real touch of style to the room.

Spiral staircases save space, with so many different sizes and styles to choose from, there is sure to be a spiral staircase solution for every space you have to work with.

Are spiral staircases easy to install?

Most spiral staircase kits on the market today come with step-by-step instructions, and some manufacturers also offer instructional DVD videos for you to follow.

If you're used to DIY projects and are handy with tools and have the right tools for the job, installation should only take about a day for two competent adults in some cases.

It is always worth checking with your local building authority before starting any work to ensure they are happy with the installation of your spiral staircase, as you may need to inspect it during installation to ensure that the work complies with the requirements. meet requirements.

What size opening do I need for a spiral staircase?

(Video) Arke' Spiral Staircase Selection and Installation

To answer this question, you must first know the diameter of the spiral staircase you want to install. This is obviously very important and the opening should not be cut until you are absolutely sure that you have made the final decision to purchase a spiral staircase.

Taking a 55-inch diameter spiral staircase as an example, you should try to cut a 59-inch hole.

If you think about it carefully, the extra 4 inches actually means 2 inches of clearance, allowing your hand, fingers, and knuckles to walk freely along the railing and not contact finished walls or fabric when climbing. the stairs. .steps up or down.

Can an exterior spiral staircase be installed?

Spiral staircases can be installed outdoors, but they must be weather resistant. There are many outdoor spiral staircase kits available, let's take a look at some of the options available, starting with a galvanized steel spiral staircase.

This is probably the most common type of outdoor spiral staircase, made from galvanized steel to protect it from the elements. Super bright and shiny when first installed, but after about 6 months the bright zinc finish will turn dull to a shade of gray.

At this point you can paint the galvanized finish if you wish, as long as you use the correct paint for the galvanized steel, then the structure will remain rust free for years to come.

Outdoor cast iron spiral staircases are also very popular, but you need to make sure that the cast iron frame is always well painted to prevent rust.

Powder coated aluminum spiral staircases are another long term maintenance free outdoor staircase option. The aluminum frame itself is resistant to rust, but with the added layer of powder coating, this ensures a maintenance-free staircase for years to come.

worth mentioning

Best Spiral Staircase for 2023 - Tool Material (8)

Code Compliant Spiral Stair Assembly 60″ Diameter – Primed Steel (85″ – 95″ Height)

A beautiful spiral staircase kit made from hardened steel. Many height options available to suit your needs.

Main features:

(Video) Two Spiral Stair designs in Revit Tutorial - Winding Stairs

  • Aluminum handrails.
  • Stunning design.
  • Strong 12 gauge steel.


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