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Most of us are that age if we remember when folding scooters came out. They became an instant hit with kids around the world, and over time have come to be respected by both adult cyclists and professional stuntmen alike. Scooters are more popular today than ever before and it's easy to see why.

The best scooters for kids aren't just a fun way to get from point A to point B; They are also a great form of exercise for children of all ages. In a world filled with screens and video games, it's more important than ever to give your child a gift that will get them going.

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When it comes to folding scooters, there are literally dozens of brands and many more models to choose from. So we have taken the time to select the 7 best scooters for children. look at oursThe best scooters for kidsPlease also list if you are looking for younger models!

After reviewing, we share everything we learned along the way in our complete scooter buyer's guide, so you're not going anywhere!

Razor A Tretroller

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There is no denying that RAZOR is one of the most influential manufacturers when it comes to children's scooters. The original A-Kick scooter is back with this slight redesign, offering even more comfort and smoothness than the original A-Kick, with a few small but significant improvements. For one, the rear bumper brake is slightly larger than on previous models, resulting in a more agile and responsive braking system.

One of the unique features of the Razor is the ability to fold the scooter in half for easy transport. This really makes a Razor scooter one of the most convenient and fun ways for kids to ride. You can even fold it up and easily clip it to your backpack to make sure you have a pair of wheels when you need them.

The A-Kick's handlebars are adjustable to some degree. While your child should have no problem reaching the perfect size, don't expect him to stretch to adult size.

Although the model pictured is royal blue, this classic razor roller is also available in several other colors including red, pink, green, black label, and sweet pea.

To be honest, we're not big fans of folding handles. They don't seem to fit as well as the original metal handles.

Weight limit: 143 pounds

What we love:An iconic American scooter with good portability.

What we don't do:Folding grips aren't as durable as Original Equipment Razor bars

Fusion X-3 Pro Scooter

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Becoming the best-selling product in its category on Amazon can't be easy, but new-age scooter maker FUZION has done just that with its innovative X-3 Pro Scooter. With their impressive build quality and lightweight design, Fuzion scooters inherited the flavor of the Razor and established themselves as one of the most trusted sports scooter brands for kids.

One of the things that has made the Fuzion so popular is the ability to upgrade your scooter with new components and accessories based on style, like custom snap wheels, handlebars, and decks. Higher quality wheels and bearings can be purchased which really improves the performance of the scooter. It can be a way to make money for them, but it's also a creative way to ensure that everyone can start with a cheaper basic scooter and upgrade over time.

Assembly is a breeze, which is another big plus for the Fuzion. It is only necessary to tighten three screws and that's it. We can remember some other toy scooters that took much longer to assemble. This is precious time that could be better spent running!

The only feature this scooter lacks is a place to attach a bike lock. With a scooter like this, you'll want to make sure it's fully protected.

Weight limit: 141 pounds

What we love:Upgradable parts and components make the ride highly customizable

What we don't do:There is no way to secure this scooter with a bike lock.

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Micro Folding Scooter with 2 Wheels, Smooth Glide and Micro Sprite

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Here we have a folding scooter that is a bit more suitable for older children and even smaller adults. With highly adjustable handlebars and an impressive 220-pound weight limit, the MICRO Sprite 2-wheel scooter is one of the toughest, toughest scooters on our list. All of the Micro Sprite's components are not only made from incredibly strong steel, but they're also completely modular, meaning you can get a replacement for absolutely anything that breaks. This extends the potential life of the scooter, well, almost forever, so to speak.

Polished polyurethane wheels offer a much smoother and quieter ride than hard plastic wheels. This may be part of the extra price tag that comes with the Micro Sprite, but we can honestly say it's well worth it. There's nothing more annoying than going for a morning run and finding a pair of squeaky wheels underfoot that can barely stop.

It's worth noting that this scooter is also quite a bit bigger than some of its competitors. In fact, it's recommended for ages 13 and up, and we're pretty sure it's for no other reason than the actual height of the thing.

Our only problem is that the wrist joint seems to have a bit of "play". That means the stem has the least amount of movement, but that's not enough to worry about.

Weight limit: 220 pounds

What we love:A powerful scooter for the slightly older age group (13+)

What we don't do:Wired connection could be more secure for our taste

A5 LUX knife patinated

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RAZOR's hugely popular scooter is back in a bigger and better size. The A5 Lux is everything you love about the original Razor roller, just a little bigger. The added weight makes this scooter suitable for larger children and even many adults (recommended weight limit is 200 pounds). But the most exciting size increase isn't the weight limit or the wider platform. Instead, it's the enlarged wheels.

Nearly twice the size of the original Razor scooter wheels, the A5 wheels offer a much smoother ride with far fewer jumps and bumps. As a result, they are also significantly quieter than conventional scooter wheels. Also, the original wheels of the scooter had quite a few problems with the pavement seams, where the larger wheels of the A5 rolled over them with no problem.

The retractable kickstand is a feature you won't see on all Razor scooters, only the A5 and even then few outlets sell it with a kickstand pre-fitted.

The biggest problem with polyurethane wheels is that they don't offer good grip on wet surfaces, so this scooter can be a bit heavy in the rain. As long as you don't do any sharp 180 degree turns, you should be fine.

Weight limit: 220 pounds

What we love:A big scooter with big wheels for taller riders

What we don't do:Polyurethane wheels do not grip very well when wet.

Mongoose Trace Folding Tretroller-Series

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While not as well known or respected as the Razor or Fuzion when it comes to scooters, the MONGOOSE bike builders have managed to grab a good chunk of the scooter market by offering one of the most affordable and user friendly scooters around. Always use folding scooters. At under forty bucks, this is a bargain regardless of performance, but it works pretty well.

Although the folding mechanism is not marked as the Razor's proprietary folding system, when broken, it is still a neatly folded, easy-to-carry unit. The quick-adjust system on the handlebars isn't quite as quick as we'd like, but it seems to hold on very securely, which is very important when riding on concrete. It also has three different preset heights (24”, 30”, 33”) so it can really grow with your child and adapt over the years.

The price of the Mongoose Trace folding scooter is undoubtedly one of its most attractive attributes, but don't take it as a warning for its quality. This is a solid scooter with some key high performance features. A little tight around the cover maybe.

Weight limit: 176 pounds

What we love:Cheap scooters with the best value for money

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What we don't do:The foot platform is a bit narrow.

Mongoose Rise Stunt Kick Scooter-Serie

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At some point in every scooter enthusiast's life, they must choose to grow up or go home. The MONGOOSE Rise Stunt Kick Scooter is a premium stunt scooter for the intermediate rider, and it has all the aesthetic bells and whistles that go with it.

The first major upgrade you get here is an ultralight aluminum alloy construction, making it one of the lightest rides around. So if your child wants to spin around and jump to the next level, there really is no better option than Rise.

This is the only scooter on our list that has effective duct tape covering the deck. This is not only beneficial for the trick rider, but also for the everyday rider just looking for a greater level of control over their riding.

Rise Series scooters feature interchangeable and upgradeable parts, which is the true definition of a Pro Series scooter.

It's hard to say why, but the wheels on the Rise series seem a bit noisier than those on scooters from other series and manufacturers. At worst, it's a minor nuisance and your child is unlikely to pay attention to it.

Weight limit: 220 pounds

What we love:High-performance folding scooter at the "pro" level

What we don't do:The wheels make a lot of noise on the concrete.

AODI Swing Scooter 3 Wheels Adjustable Foldable Drift Scooter

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And now for something completely different. The AODI Swing Scooter is the only 3-wheeled scooter on our list, and as such is probably the most unique product we've had the chance to test. We offer our opinion here because it is unique in the market and has the potential to surpass traditional two-wheeled scooters as the standard for transporting children.

The concept of the scooter is so unique that it probably needs a little explanation for anyone who has never seen one. Basically, it is possible to propel this scooter simply by "shaking" the hip. In other words, each wheel is alternately pushed back and forth, pushing the user forward. This is in contrast to the Razor folding scooters, which require you to use one foot on the pavement to push it forward.

The other big difference between traditional scooters and the AODI Swing Scooter is the additional braking mechanism in the style of a bicycle. By squeezing the brake lever on the right handlebar, the user can apply pressure to the front wheel and brake.

The AODI Swing Scooter requires a bit of effort to set everything up. The screws aren't the easiest thing to work with, but once in place they work like a dream.

Weight limit: 220 pounds

What we love:Unique "rock drive" design.

What we don't do:Complicated setup required

Kids Scooters: A Pro Buying Guide Through 2023

You see, just because there are only 7 different scooters on our list doesn't exactly reflect how big the world of folding kids scooters is. As it turns out, there are dozens of manufacturers making hundreds of different models, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It's impossible to study every one of them, so it's important to educate yourself so you can make the decision yourself if possible.

We've put together a handy guide to everything you need to know about folding scooters so you can make your own decision when it's time to buy your kid a new pair of bikes.

Here are the products we think are the best kids' scooters of 2023.

2-wheel folding scooter: what is the problem?

If you're not familiar with the type of folding scooters for kids we've featured in this review, you've probably been living under a rock. Folding toy scooters, like the legendary Razor Scooter, first appeared in the late 1990s and early 2000s and became less common in the years that followed.

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Now, folding scooters (sometimes called razor scooters) are making a comeback. Millennials are looking for the most convenient way to get around, whether it's on campus or at the mall.

Choosing the right scooter for your child

While there are dozens of variables that determine what type of scooter is best for your child, we can safely say that it all comes down to three simple questions:

  1. How old is the boy?
  2. How big is the kid?
  3. How serious is this kid about skating?

The age of the child is important in determining certain safety features, such as a kickstand and third wheels. However, the height of the child is a more important consideration when deciding what size scooter to buy. This is simply because the handlebar riser is one of the few adjustable mechanisms on a scooter.

Your child's interest in skating also plays an important role. If he's just looking for an affordable toy that will make them happy, congratulations, you've made a great choice. However, if your child has been using the same scooter for years and is spending more and more time at the skate park, it may be time to switch to something more performance oriented.

Recreational Scooters vs. “Pro” style scooters

If you've surfed the internet looking for scooters as much as we have, you've no doubt noticed that there are essentially two types of scooters on the market. The vast majority of them are so-called recreational scooters. These are your average two-wheeled folding scooters, the kind revolutionized by Razor.

The second type is a bit rarer and is called "professional style." For reference, a scooter like the Mongoose Rise would be considered pro-style. These are scooters designed for the skate park enthusiast... adventurous scooter connoisseur who wants to do more with their ride than just ride.

So what kind of features can you expect in a professional scooter? For one thing, they tend to be stronger and more resistant to grinding and hard impacts. Smaller scooters have been known to bend or even completely break after taking a big jump or crashing into a rail to get one of those kinky abs everyone is talking about.

How wheel size affects smoothness

Folding scooters for children are not only available in different heights and lengths, but also with wheels of different sizes. The radius of a wheel determines not only how far the scooter is off the ground, but also how sensitive the scooter as a whole is to interruptions in the riding surface, such as cracks or lines in the pavement.

Here are some of the more common scooter wheel sizes, listed next to the type of scooter they are best suited for:

  • 98mm – The smallest class of scooter wheels found on most entry level scooters. Excellent handling on slippery skate park surfaces, but impossible to handle on imperfect surfaces like dirt roads and thick asphalt.
  • 100mm – 125mm: A slightly widened wheel for scooters with a higher weight limit and taller handlebars. Commonly seen on scooter models intended for older children and teenagers.
  • 140mm and up: These "cruiser" style wheels are big enough to handle many more pavement surface imperfections, making them excellent as commuter or city scooters. They retain the best features of the smaller scooters, including foldable portability and adjustable handlebars.

Scooter parts and assembly instructions.

The types of children's scooters we review are known for their attractive simplicity. What we think makes them really impressive is that they are actually a complex system of expertly designed parts and components. The fact that it looks so simple is further proof of the quality of its original design.

Here's a quick top to bottom breakdown of the physical elements that make up your basic scooter:

  1. T-Bar: This is the basic steering mechanism of the scooter. It's a long piece of metal tubing with a T-shaped handlebar at the top where your hands go. These poles vary in length depending on the make and model.
  2. Quick Release Lever – As you lower the T-bar, you come to a circular piece of metal with a clamping action. Tightening the clamp (with screw or knob) will hold the T-bar in place for use. By loosening the clamp, the user can adjust the height of the T-bar at will.
  3. Extension Tube – This is the main metal tube at the front of the scooter. It connects to the release handle at the top and the steering column and wheel assembly at the bottom. The T-bar slides in or out of the extension tube as you adjust the ride height.
  4. Wheel Mount: The wheel is attached to the steering column with a simple metal mount with a ball-bearing hub for smooth rolling.
  5. Release Lever/Swivel Mechanism: Between the wheel and the deck is the swivel mechanism. By pulling the release handle on this mechanism, the user can fold the tube and T-bar into the deck for easy transport.
  6. Foot Deck: This is the flat section of metal that forms the main contact area of ​​the scooter. They are designed to be slim and ride primarily with one foot (using the other foot for turning and braking), they are generally not very robust. For a stronger, more reliable platform, look to Pro models designed for tricks and grinds.
  7. Brake: The rear wheel is partially covered by a curved piece of smooth metal. When your foot presses on this part (the brake), it touches the wheel, providing an efficient and pressure-sensitive way to slow to a complete stop.

On some of the more advanced scooters, such as B. professional and sport models, the modular design allows most of these components to be easily removed, replaced, and even retrofitted if desired. Modular construction isn't available on most cheaper entry-level scooters, which means that if something breaks, you may not be able to fix it without getting a full replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the actual difference between a $30 scooter and a $100 scooter?

A: It's true that there are some pretty significant differences in how much one of these scooters can cost. While basic scooters can cost anywhere from $25 to $30, some of the more advanced models in the Pro series are significantly more expensive.

So what is the problem? Are there really big quality differences in scooters in these price ranges?

The answer is that while there are some expensive scooters out there, the Pro Series scooters really do have some features that are worth the extra cost. Here's an idea of ​​the type of upgrade you'll get when using the Pro model:

  • Stronger and wider decks
  • Taller T-bars with better grips
  • Parking brakes (only for special models)
  • Bigger and stronger wheels.
  • Customizable parts and designs.
  • Modular design to facilitate the replacement of certain parts

Q: How dangerous are scooters and Razor scooters?

A: Any time you put a child on something with wheels, the dangers increase almost immediately. Scooters are not the most stable form of transportation in the world and tend to get stuck on rocks, sticks, and even minor cracks in the pavement.

That's why our team would like to officially remind you that it's always a good idea to wear a helmet when you're riding a scooter. According to this pediatric head injury study, the vast majority of serious head injuries occurred in children not wearing helmets.

However, scooters are not death traps. With the proper protective gear (wrist and elbow pads recommended) and proper supervision, the chances of actual injury are dramatically reduced.

Conclusion: Our picks for the best kids' scooters in 2023

It's about time we left, so we'll leave you with a quick rundown of the scooters that really stand out in a crowded field of certainly great products.

If your child wants to get into the sweet sport of scootering then you want a simple and easy entry level model that is small enough for your child to ride in comfort and smooth enough to ensure they will love riding it. For those points, we have no better recommendation than the Mongoose Trace folding scooter. It's everything a kid needs for their first scooter at a price that won't break her bank.

(Video) Best Electric Scooter for Kids in (2023): The 5 Best Choices!

However, when you've become a speed demon and it's time for something more sophisticated, then a Pro Series scooter is absolutely the way to go. The Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter may cost a few bucks more, but its innovative modular construction style makes it fully customizable and upgradable.

Whichever scooter you choose, remember to wear a helmet!

Best Kids Scooters of 2023 + Reviews! - Kids love WHAT (9)

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